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Acclaimed Film Producer Behind ‘Titanic’ And ‘Avatar’ Jon Landau Dies At 63



Jon Landau

Jon Landau, who worked as a producer on the legendary successful James Cameron films ‘Avatar,’ ‘Avatar 2,’ and ‘Titanic,’ has reportedly died at the age of 63.

Landau’s work on those films resulted in them finishing as three of the top grossing films of all time. His death was announced in a statement released by his family. The statement did not include a cause of death.

After its 1997 release, ‘Titanic’ became the first film to gross over $1 Billion globally. It finished as the top grossing movie of all time, generating over $1.84 Billion in total.

Cameron and Landau would eventually break their own record with the success of ‘Avatar,’ which made over $2 Billion at the box office globally. The film was also seen as a tremendous technological achievement, as was the sequel released in 2022.

‘Titanic’ was nominated for 14 Oscar awards, winning 11 of the prestigious awards. Alan Bergman, co-chairman of Disney Entertainment, remembered Landau in a statement to USA Today, saying, “His remarkable contributions to the film industry have left an indelible mark, and he will be profoundly missed,” Bergman said. “He was an iconic and successful producer yet an even better person and a true force of nature who inspired all around him.”

James Cameron released the following statement on the death of his beloved producer and friend, saying,

“The Avatar family grieves the loss of our friend and leader, Jon Landau. His zany humor, personal magnetism, great generosity of spirit and fierce will have held the center of our Avatar universe for almost two decades. His legacy is not just the films he produced, but the personal example he set — indomitable, caring, inclusive, tireless, insightful and utterly unique.

He produced great films, not by wielding power but by spreading warmth and the joy of making cinema. He inspired us all to be and to bring our best, every day.
I have lost a dear friend, and my closest collaborator of 31 years. A part of myself has been torn away.”

You could say that James Cameron has lost one of the most valuable members of his team, and that Hollywood has lost one of its most talented producers.

Rest in peace, Jon Landau!

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