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Actress Roxanne Rosedale Dies In Assisted Living Aged 95



Rosedale: Credit Hollywood Reporter

Roxanne Rosedale, who rose to prominence in the 1950s as Bud Collyer’s sidekick on Beat the Clock has reportedly died at the age of 95. Rosedale was also featured in the Marilyn Monroe-starring The Seven Year Itch.

The former starlet reportedly died at an assisted care facility in Minneapolis. The actress was originally born in Minneapolis, beginning and ending her life in the city.

Born on March 20, 1929, Rosedale witnesses a truly incredible time in world and American history during her lifetime. She was born into a country that had no computers, and left it at a time where seemingly everybody in the world has an iPhone.

She would make many appearance in print while serving as Collyer’s assistant, appearing in Life, Look and TV Guide.

The Hollywood Reports reports on her death,

Roxanne became a hugely popular TV star after she joined CBS’ Beat the Clock, from Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions, in 1950. She would introduce the contestants – who were tasked with completing complicated, outrageous stunts in an allotted time – snapped photos with a Sylvania camera and posed alongside the winners’ prizes. (Watch an episode here.)

While on the show, she made the covers of such magazines as Life, Look and (with Collyer) TV Guide and even had a doll named for her. The blue-eyed Roxanne Dolls featured a Beat the Clock tag on her wrist and a tiny camera, and the game show assistant would often hand them out on the program.

In 1952, Roxanne had her first onscreen acting assignments on episodes of the CBS drama Casey, Crime Photographer, starring Richard Carlyle, and the syndicated anthology series Broadway Television Theatre.

The Hollywood Reporter

Making her television debut in 1948, Rosedale was a pioneer of the medium. We thank her for her dedication to her craft, and for all of the wonderful memories that she helped create.

Rest in peace, Roxanne Rosedale!

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