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Al Pacino Pays Tribute To Late ‘The Godfather’ Producer



Al Pacino

Actor Al Pacino, who played Michael Corleone in the hit film series ‘The Godfather’ recently paid tribute to producer Albert S. Ruddy, who helped produce the films with Director Francis Ford Coppola.

Ruddy reportedly died peacefully at the UCLA Medical Centre in Los Angeles. His final words were reportedly, “The game is over, but we won the game.”

Ruddy helped produced The Godfather, Million Dollar Baby, The Longest Yard, and 27 other films totaling 30 films in his career.

Pacino said about Ruddy,

“Al Ruddy was absolutely beautiful to me the whole time on The Godfather; even when they didn’t want me, he wanted me. He gave me the gift of encouragement when I needed it most and I’ll never forget it.”

Al Pacino

He also worked on the hit television shows Hogan’s Heroes and Walker Texas Ranger.

Though his illustrious career in film as one of the most successful actors of all-time, Pacino has amassed a net worth of over $120 million. He is as close to Hollywood royalty as it gets.

Pacino has 74 credits in his career. His films stretch from The Irishman, to Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, to more classic films such as Scarface and Ocean’s Thirteen.

A lot of Pacino’s success, as he freely admits himself, is due to the Godfather films and the immeasurable impact the movies made on American culture, and film worldwide.

A native-born Canadian, Albert Ruddy was born in Montreal in the year 1930. He attended the University of Southern California. Ruddy was married to Wanda McDaniel, a sales executive and liaison for Giorgio Armani.

Ruddy deserves credit for helping to create on of the most iconic film series of all time. For Al Pacino and others who made careers of the film, saying goodbye to Ruddy certainly must have been challenging.

Rest in peace, Albert Ruddy!

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