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Apple Robots: Tech Giant Begins New Program After Car Failure




Apple Inc, announced earlier this year that the company would be halting research and development on a product that had been in the works for many years, and was highly anticipated.

That project was the Apple Car. It had been in development for over a decade, as 2,000 employees were working on the sought-after vehicle. Apple reportedly had plans to make the vehicle completely electric, much like Tesla.

At the time, Apple announced that they would be placing most of the employees from the Apple Electric Car project and placing them in the Artificial Intelligence division of the company, which is said to be growing at a rapid pace.

The company has also seen a recent failure with the ‘Apple Vision Pro,’ a $3500 virtual reality headset that advertised itself as an alternative to a home computer. A reported 45% of users have returned the product since purchasing it. This marks a tremendous failure for Apple, who have been known historically for the quality of their products.

The Apple Car, and Apple Vision Pro failed…

What is Apple Planning Next?

It is now being reported that Apple Inc, is looking into the development of robots, and studying the impact that robots will have on society in the coming years. The company is reportedly focusing on ‘home robotics,’ or robots that will be used to assist people in daily life within their homes.

The revolutionary new study from the tech giant has led internet users to question when house robots may become available for commercial purchase. Sadly, we don’t know when they will be developed, or if they will be developed, but we do know that Apple is looking into it.

A source also told Bloomberg that Apple is currently developing an “advanced table-top home device that uses robotics.”

We aren’t sure exactly what that means, but the development of robotics would be an extreme change for the tech giant which has mostly focused on computers, phones, and tablets to this point. Investors may see Apple’s desire to enter into robotics as a sign that the company is not focused on the things that sell.

Keep It Simple, Apple

I vividly remember, in the movie ‘The Founder,’ which depicts the business career of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, that when the McDonald brothers first developed their fast food chain, they got rid of every menu item that was not a burger, fries, or a drink (including milkshakes). They did so because they realized that over 85% of their sales came from these three items alone.

Simplification is progression in business, and Apple has an absolute stranglehold when it comes to modern, widely-used personal tech equipment. The iPhone, regardless of complaints, is the best phone available on the market today. As far as usability, ease of access, streamlined programming, video calling, etc, the iPhone is hands down the best available smartphone.

While Apple’s computers may not be the best for gaming, in virtually every other category, they are the most durable and longest-lasting computers available to regular consumers on the market.

The iPad is the also the best tablet available on the market. I’m no Steve Jobs, but perhaps Apple should focus on what sells, much like Steve Jobs did.

Apple’s core quality has, and always will be, end-to-end personal technology development. If that includes robots, so-be-it, however, I don’t think we will be seeing personal assistant robots anytime in the near future.

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