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Apple’s Massive Deal With OpenAI Is A Seismic Change Of Technology As We Know It



Apple and OpenAI

Apple Inc, announced last week that it will be inking a historic deal to incorporate OpenAI into the operating systems of all of their products, a deal that isn’t going to include any kind of monetary compensation on either side of the deal.

OpenAI is the company responsible for developing the influential and prominent artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT. The OpenAi chatbot, even before this deal with Apple, has a reported 200 million users per month.

The ChatGPT OpenAI project began to gain serious momentum around 2015 with an investment from billionaire Elon Musk, who coincidentally has attacked the deal between Apple and OpenAI as a threat to Americans’ security.

Elon Musk’s War With OpenAI

Musk has sued OpenAI for abandoning its initial mission for profit, a lawsuit that the billionaire dropped several days ago. Musk has developed his own Artificial Intelligence chatbot on X (formerly known as Twitter) called Grok.

X itself has a reported 500 million active users per month, possibly giving Musk the edge in users in the A.I. chatbot battle between Musk and OpenAI.

How A.I. Really Works (It’s All About The Data Points)

For our less tech-sufficient users, any A.I. chatbot is only as effective as the amount of information it analyzes is available. Artificial intelligence isn’t thinking, as much as its examining data points to extract the most coherent answer possible.

The more data points, and more importantly, the more intimate data points that an A.I. chatbot has access to, the more powerful it can become. There is no current known limit to the capability of A.I. chatbots. Some, Musk included, predict that A.I. may become sentient, and begin to work against humanity if let to grow out of control.

Some have speculated that an extremely powerful A.I. chatbot may be capable of launching nuclear weapons, or even targeting nuclear power plant facilities.

Despite these concerns, Apple has chosen to implement A.I. into all of their products.

Apple’s Deal With OpenAI Includes No Money

In a move that could only be described as bizarre, Apple and OpenAI will reportedly exchange no funds as part of their deal to implement ChatGPT on an OS level on all Apple products.

Apple, who boasts over 2.2 billion active users nationwide, will empower OpenAI to gain access to hundreds of billions of new, and intimate data points, strengthening the Artificial Intelligence chatbot to a level previously unseen.

A.I. researchers claim that there is a 5% chance that a hyper-intelligent A.I. chatbot may be capable of destroying the human race. That conclusion was reached in a survey of 2,700 AI researchers.

A Change That Apple Users Cannot Avoid

Elon Musk emphatically stated that he will ban Apple products at his companies if the company chooses to implement OpenAI at an OS level, adding that it is a tremendous ‘security risk’ for his businesses.

Is there a risk for users worldwide? Yes, and no.

There is a tremendous danger in the broad implementation of ChatGPT to Apple products. Not only is it providing an unknown entity unknowing amounts of power that may result in the destruction of our species, but it also poses a severe risk of targeted attacks on individuals.

It places user data into a gray area that currently doesn’t exist, and has been solely created by Apple’s partnership with OpenAI.

While that may be great for business, as Apple rose to become the most valuable company on Earth after announcing their partnership with the A.I. company, this partnership is bad for the billions of Apple users around the world.

There is an extreme, untold danger to the implementation of OpenAI at the OS level of Apple products.

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