Ben Cardin Plotting Betrayal Of First Democrat Black Woman Senate Nominee Angela Alsobrooks



U.S. Senator Ben Cardin was first elected to his position in the Senate in 2007. At the time, Maryland was controlled almost exclusively by a club of white politicians on both sides of the aisle.

Governor Martin O’Malley controlled the levers of the Democratic Party, while Bob Ehrlich and Larry Hogan controlled the levers of the Republican Party. There was little-to-no representation for the millions of Black Marylanders in State government at the time.

Those in control of the Maryland political system ensured that only members of their own race, dedicated to the collective corruption of the group would be granted authority and access.

In 2022, some 15 years after Senator Ben Cardin was elected, Maryland finally changed. Defeating Republican nominee Dan Cox, Governor Wes Moore triumphed during the 2022 Election, becoming Maryland’s first black Governor, and for once, giving millions of Black Marylanders a voice in the Governor’s mansion.

Angela Alsobrooks Is Another Step Forward For Maryland… The White Political Establishment Is Enraged

Now, in 2024, Maryland has yet another opportunity to take a step forward, and to banish racial inequality and discrimination to the past. On May 14th, Angela Alsobrooks became the first black woman to be a nominee as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate.

Alsobrooks vanquished her opponent Representative David Trone, a billionaire member of the white political establishment that has had a chokehold on Maryland politics since the days of Abraham Lincoln. Remember, before President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in the Ford Theatre, the closest attempt on his life came while he was changing trains in the State of Maryland.

Slingshot News exclusively reported just days prior to the Primary election that Trone had been accepting donations from the same donors as former Governor Larry Hogan. We successfully ran advertisements on that article in Montgomery County, Baltimore City, and Prince George’s County, jurisdictions that heavily favored Alsobrooks on election day.

We, as an outlet, are incredibly proud to have been a voice for the people in the Democrat Primary, however, now that the general election is in full swing, we have yet another bombshell to break.

Democrat Senator Ben Cardin Is Planning To Betray Angela Alsobrooks, The First Democrat Black Woman Nominee For U.S. Senate In The History Of Maryland

Slingshot News can confirm through sources within the Maryland Republican Party, as well as sources close to Senator Cardin, that 80-year-old Senator has purposefully withheld his endorsement of Angela Alsobrooks, and is planning instead to endorse former Governor Larry Hogan.

We have been exclusively informed that Cardin, a white man, is unhappy with the fact that Alsobrooks, a black woman, won the Democrat nomination in the Primary. Cardin, a member of the white establishment political class that has dominated Maryland for centuries, wants to keep Maryland politics white.

Alsobrooks has been endorsed by nearly every member of the Democratic Party in Maryland. She currently holds endorsements from Governor Wes Moore, Lt. Gov. Aruna Miller, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Rep. Glenn Ivey, Rep. Kweisi Mfume, Rep. Steny H. Hoyer, Rep. John Sarbanes, and even Senator Chris Van Hollen.

Why has Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen endorsed Alsobrooks, while his fellow Senator Ben Cardin has not?

Slingshot News has been informed that Cardin is readying an endorsement of Republican Larry Hogan, and intends to betray the people of Maryland, who have the chance to elect Maryland’s first black Senator.

Is Senator Ben Cardin Being Blackmailed?

Cardin was embroiled in a scandal late last year when a member of his staff was exposed for filming himself having homosexual intercourse in a Senate hearing room. The staffer had been uploading footage and photos of himself engaged in sexual acts in Congress for some time.

After being publicly shamed over the footage, Cardin dismissed the young staffer and announced that he would not be seeking re-election in 2024.

Slingshot News has also reported that former Governor Larry Hogan has appointed many sex offenders, namely individuals convicted of pedophilia, to positions of power throughout the State of Maryland.

They include Luis Borunda, who served as Deputy Secretary of State under former Governor Larry Hogan. In 2023, Borunda was charged with sexual solicitation of minor in a sting operation originating from Fort Meade. The former Hogan official attempted to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex.

Another Hogan official, Mathew Palmer, who served as Hogan’s deputy legislative officer, was sentences to eight years in prison in 2021 for Distribution of Child Pornography.

In 1992, Hogan was embroiled in yet another salacious sex scandal when a campaign aide that was living at his Upper Marlboro home, Kevin Lee Hall, was arrested for kidnapping and raping a 17-year-old boy at gunpoint.

Being that Hogan has a history of associating with individuals convicted of child sex crimes, and Senator Ben Cardin has been caught up in homosexual scandals involving his Congressional aides, could Larry Hogan be blackmailing Senator Ben Cardin for his endorsement in 2024?

A Call To Action

Maryland finally has a chance to right the wrongs of history, and to finally give millions of Black Marylanders a voice, not just in the Governor’s mansion, but in the U.S. Senate as well.

The mere fact that Alsobrooks, an accomplished and dedicated member of her community, won her Primary election against ‘good ole’ boy’ David Trone enrages the white political establishment on both sides.

In response, Senator Ben Cardin is gearing up to betray Alsbrooks and the people of Maryland. He should not be afforded the opportunity to do so in silence.

I urge every person who reads this article to contact Senator Ben Cardin’s offices via email and phone to DEMAND that he stand with the people of Maryland, and the Democrat Party, and the Jewish community that he represents, and ENDORSE ANGELA ALSOBROOKS.

Here are the phone numbers for every single one of Cardin’s offices. Make sure to contact every single one, as there is no way of knowing which location he may be listening to!

Cardin’s Baltimore Office: (410) 962-4436
Cardin’s Bowie Office: (301) 860-0414
Cardin’s Easton Office: (301) 860-0414

Cardin’s Capitol Office: (202) 224-4524

Cardin’s Cumberland Office: (301) 777-2957

Cardin’s Rockville Office: (301) 762-2974

Of course, we ask that you be polite, but DEMAND that Cardin endorse Angela Alsobrooks immediately.

Hogan, who claims to reject ‘politics as usual’ appears to be engaged in exactly that, and for that, the people of Maryland must reject Hogan.

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