Biden Administration Allowing Iranian Military Activity In Gulf of Mexico



Fair Energy Foundation President Dave Wallace broke news tonight on a political podcast hosted by Slingshot News founder Troy Smith that the Nation of Iran is actively moving naval vessels into the Gulf of Mexico.

The process of Iran moving their naval vessels to the Gulf of Mexico first began in February of 2023. Wallace reported that Iran has been able to move these vessels into the Gulf of Mexico using their ally China’s control of the Panama canal.

“The Belt and Road Initiative creates for China the ability to shut down, because of their control, either at canals or at straits, every major checkpoint or critical juncture in U.S. trade routes worldwide. They could shut down the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal, the Strait of Hormuz, and the Bab-el-Mandeb strait. This also includes essential port facilities adjacent to these straits,” Wallace told Slingshot News.

Wallace emphasized China’s role in bringing Iranian naval vessels into the Gulf of Mexico, citing Iran’s crucial energy relationship with China. Iran has quietly become the top oil exporter to China in recent months following the Biden Administration and United Nation’s joint decision to lift crushing sanctions on the Iranian regime.

“China has used corruption and coercion of the Panamanian government to do its bidding,” Wallace said.

In August of 2023, the U.S. government acknowledged Iran’s newly found access to the Panama canal in a statement covered by the Tehran Times. The 86th flotilla, as it was dubbed by the Iranian government, was a group of naval vessels tasked with circumnavigating the world, and were outfitted with anti-ship cruise missiles, torpedoes, and naval cannons.

The flotilla was marketed as a show of “Islamic Republic’s maritime strength.”

Despite U.S. attempts to prevent the flotilla from successfully circumnavigating the globe, the 86th flotilla returned back to mainland Iran in May of 2023.

“Once it was stated that the Iranians were ‘in range’ to enter the Gulf of Mexico, all the news went dark. It was only another week before they would be entering the Panama canal, and there was a news blackout,” Wallace told Slingshot News.

Wallace also told Slingshot News that the threat of Iranian Naval vessels in the Gulf of Mexico is an issue that the Biden Administration has worked to keep quiet in the mainstream media, which has large failed to cover the emergence of Iranian vessels in such close proximity to the U.S. mainland.

Wallace stated,

“While there is clear evidence of malfeasance by the Biden Administration on the Border, this threat that has slipped under the radar could be equally or even more deleterious to National security, and further reflects the inept and feeble Biden Administration”

Yet, Wallace told Slingshot News that he believes this is all orchestrated by the Biden Administration and “by those influencers that are destroying the United States from within, the State Department, where we have persons with the highest security clearance that are actively securing the interests of Iran over the United States.”

The Iranian vessels that reportedly entered the Gulf of Mexico accessed the Panama Canal through the Panama City entrance, exiting the U.S. built structure in Colón.

Additionally, Wallace tells Slingshot News that he believes the Iranian regime has already developed nuclear weapons that would be capable of being placed on missiles in order to strike the heart of the United States from the Gulf.

“The heart of the United States, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Detroit, and even Washington D.C. are endangered by Iran’s presence in the Gulf of Mexico. Today, when Iran threatens the United States not to dare attack Iran directly for its infractions against U.S. naval vessells as well as our marine assets in the Persian gulf, the red sea, and the Indian ocean, we are now hamstrung by this great concern of Iranian retaliation directly against the United States homeland,” Wallace said.

The missiles Iran has access to could reportedly strike up to 1,200 miles away from the Southern Coast of the United States, meaning a potential Iranian strike could reach all the way to Minneapolis from just off the coast of Louisiana.

“In this fight, for the United States visa-vi Iran, the globe has become a very small place. Everybody sees the globe shrinking under the Biden Administration,” Wallace stated.

For the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United States is being legitimately threatened by a foreign adversary that is actively ordering their Navy into waters just several miles away from the shores of the United States.

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