Biden Approval Rating Slips To A New All-Time Low



A newly released Gallup poll shows that the approval rating of President Joe Biden has slipped to just 38%, setting a new all-time low approval rating for the President. Historically, Presidents must have an approval rating of over 50% to win re-election.

Five key issues are leading to Biden’s polling struggles, as Gallup asserts that just 28% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of the U.S. Southern Border. That marks an all-time low approval rating on the subject for Biden.

Ranging from 30-40% approval are Biden’s handling of the war in Ukraine, the economy, and this Administration’s policies concerning the Middle East and Hamas. Also included in this list are, in general, Biden’s foreign policy.


Biden’s approval rating has not risen above 44% since August of 2021, when his Administration oversaw the deadly U.S. pullout from Afghanistan in which 13 U.S. Service members were killed in a suicide bombing. Several hundred citizens of Afghanistan were also killed in that bombing.

Since November of 2023, polling on Biden’s handling of the U.S. economy has increased by four points. 75% of Democrats approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, along with 72% that support his handling of the war in Ukraine.

While maintaining serious support from the Democrats on the economy, Ukraine, and his foreign affairs, the President is facing backlash from his party on his handling of the Southern Border, which just 55% of Democrats agree with. Just 51% of Democrats agree with Biden’s handling of Israel-Hamas conflict.

Biden is maintaining support from his Democrat base. His overall approval rating with Democrats sits at a reported 82% overall.

The President’s main problem comes from independent voters, whose support for the President has declined sharply since his inauguration. Biden began with a 61% approval rating with independents, to just 32% today.

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