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Biden At White House: “Elect Me. I’m In The 20th Century” (Video)



Joe Biden

President Joe Biden delivered remarks today on the White House lawn with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. During those remarks President Biden made a statement that is causing controversy across the internet.

“Elect me,” Biden said. “I’m in the 20th Century.” See a clip of President Joe Biden making that statement from the White House lawn in the clip below,

After Joe Biden delivered these remarks with the Japanese Prime Minister, the President could be seen departing the stage with the Prime Minister. As Biden walked away from the stage, reporters could be heard shouting many questions.

One reporter asked Biden, “Would you reconsider the [liquefied natural gas] export ban, sir?”

Biden responded, saying, “There is no ban! To Japan!” See a clip of that moment from Biden’s event with the Japanese Prime Minister at the White House below,

During this meeting, the U.S. and Japan have reportedly agreed to strengthen their alliance in the Pacific while China continues to get more aggressive in the region. The New York Times reports on the agreement,

President Biden and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan announced a range of moves on Wednesday to further enhance military, economic and other cooperation between the two longtime allies as part of the president’s efforts to counter China’s aggressive actions in the Indo-Pacific region.

During a pomp-filled state visit honoring the visiting Japanese prime minister, the president said the United States and Japan would create an expanded defense architecture with Australia, participate in three-way military exercises with Britain and explore ways for Japan to join a U.S.-led coalition with Australia and New Zealand.

Mr. Biden also announced that the United States would take a Japanese astronaut to the moon as part of NASA’s Artemis program, which would be the first time a non-American has set foot on the moon.

The New York Times
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