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Biden Attacks Supreme Court On Student Debt Decision In Wisconsin



President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden attacked the Supreme Court today while delivering a speech in the State of Wisconsin. The President delivered remarks at the Madison College Truax Campus.

The President did not take any questions from reporters upon arriving in Wisconsin to deliver his speech today. See a video of Biden exiting Air Force One at Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisconsin below,

During his speech at the Madison College Truax Campus, President Joe Biden said,

“Tens of millions of people’s debt was literally about to get cancelled, but then some of my Republican friends and elected officials and special interests sued us, and the Supreme Court blocked us, but that didn’t, that didn’t stop us. No I mean it sincerely. We continue to find alternatives to pass reduced student debt payments.”

President Joe Biden in Wisconsin

See a clip of Biden making that statement below,

After delivering his speech today in Wisconsin, President Joe Biden will travel to Chicago to attend a fundraiser hosted by Michael and Cari Sacks. The President will land his helicopter at the Soldier Field landing zone.

President Biden is not expected to arrive back at the White House until nearly 10:30 PM tonight, making today the busiest day that President Biden has had on the campaign trail in some time.

Biden began the day in Wilmington, Delaware, where he spent his weekend once again. Biden has spent many weekends in Delaware as President, seemingly never missing an opportunity to return home.

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