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Biden Camp Issues Conflicting Statements On Support For Israel



Coons and Kirby

The Biden National Security Communications Adviser John Kirby appeared on Face the Nation this morning in order to discuss the Biden Administration’s changing stance on support for Nation of Israel in their war against Hamas.

During that appearance, Kirby stated that the Biden Administration is considering withholding aid from Israel if the Nation does not stop their war against Hamas. Kirby said, “If there’s not changes … then we’re gonna have to make changes of our own.” See a clip of the National Security Communications Adviser making that statement on Face the Nation on Sunday below,

Kirby’s comments are in concurrence with what was said by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre earlier this week. Jean-Pierre stated during her daily press briefing that the Biden Administration is “listening” to their constituents by adopting a more anti-Israel stance in the conflict.

The White House recently cancelled a Ramadan meal because, as Al Jazeera reported, many guests refused to attend.

The Biden White House is making things clear. They want to see Israel stop their war in Gaza, something that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu has no intention of doing. However, the Biden campaign is saying something much different.

Chris Coons, the co-chair of the Biden campaign, appeared on Fox News today to reiterate the Biden campaign’s support for the Nation of Israel…. Contradicting Administration officials who were on the airwaves of different networks at the exact same time.

We are only left with the Biden Administration’s actions as a roadmap to how they actually feel about the conflict, and Israel, and in doing so, you will find that the Biden Administration is still supporting Israel as well as Hamas and Iran, who is ultimately behind these Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist groups.

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