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Biden Makes Little Sense During State Dinner Remarks (Video)




President Joe Biden delivered remarks at the White House State Dinner last night that was held with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. During the President’s remarks at that dinner, Biden made little sense, reading almost entirely from his notecards.

Earlier in the day, Biden claimed that his Administration is looking at dropping the prosecution of journalist Julian Assange. We reported on that statement here at Slingshot News.

Biden’s speech at the State Dinner last night was slurred, and barely understandable. During the first portion of his speech, President Biden can be quoted as saying,

“Well, we are the same, Japan and the United States. Many, may be divided by distance, but generations after generations we’ve been brought together the same hopes, the same values, the same commitment to democracy and freedom and to dig-, dignity for all.”

See a clip of President Biden reading that statement from his notecard in the clip below,

Later on in Biden’s remarks the President made even less sense, this time saying, “We both remember the choices that were made to forge a friendship that were once only a devastating a fight that existed before!”

We aren’t exactly sure what President Biden meant by this statement. See a clip of the President making these statements below,

Criticism of Biden’s appearance at the State Dinner has become almost universal heading into this morning. One internet user under the original video of Biden making the second statement responded to the clip by saying, “I don’t speak Biden.”

Biden’s approval rating currently sits at just 39%, a near historic low for the President heading into his re-election bid. Regardless of the results of the 2024 Election, it appears that half of the country will most likely reject the results regardless of who wins the contest.

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