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Biden Says Trump Is The ‘Primary Threat To Freedom’




During a recent interview with Univision, President Joe Biden claimed that former President Donald Trump is the ‘primary threat to freedom’ heading into the 2024 Election.

Biden has been criticized for this remark, with internet users pointing out that it has been Biden’s Department of Justice that has indicted Biden’s political opponent heading into the November election.

The President was asked during his interview, “What, in your view, constitutes the primary threat to freedom and democracy at home?”

“Donald Trump, seriously, Donald Trump talk, uses phrases like ‘we’re gona eviscerate the Constitution’ and he’s gonna be a dictator on day one.”

Joe Biden during univision interview

See a clip of President Biden making this statement during his interview with Univision below,

This interview comes just days after Biden’s acting Labor Secretary Julie Su laughed at Americans who believe that the U.S. economy was better under President Donald Trump than it is right now. See a clip of Su laughing in the clip below,

A recent Wall Street Journal poll found Biden losing in 6 of 7 key swing states heading into the 2024 Election. With problems appearing to enlarge every single day, and prices continuing to rise across the Country, many Americans are left wondering if there is any relief in sight.

As Americans continue to struggle, the Biden Administration continues to tout their economic success. A bold strategy that seems to go against the very nature of politics.

The President’s statements surely will inflame the already toxic rhetoric of the 2024 Election to an even greater extent.



  1. Scott Laborde

    April 9, 2024 at 4:44 pm

    Trump is not using the DOJ to prosecute his opponent. Nor did he blatantly try to have his political rival removed from ballots. There is only 1 candidate here that is a threat to democracy!

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