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Biden Snaps At Reporters During Brief Press Conference (Video)



Joe Biden from RNC Research Tweet

During his brief press conference today, Joe Biden appeared to be angry with reporters as they all shouted out their questions. In response, Joe said, “Why doesn’t everybody just holler at once?”

The Commander in Chief appears to be losing patience with the grueling schedule that comes along with running for re-election as a sitting President. While facing the barrage of questions, Joe closed his notes angrily and sarcastically responded to the media.

Watch the clip of Joe below…

Just yesterday, President Joe Biden became angry with a heckler at his campaign event. He addressed the audience member by saying, “I’ll tell you what, you wanna come make a speech or shush up, okay?”

Watch the clip of Biden below…

It is unclear what the heckler said to the President; however, the President’s reaction indicates that at the very least, Joe perceived it as criticism.

With the 2024 election approaching in November, the Biden Administration aims to demonstrate to the American people that four more years of the Biden White House are in the best interest of the country. Making that case becomes seemingly more difficult when the Commander in Chief lashes out at the media and/or audience members every day.

It is unclear whether the switch in tone from Joe Biden is an intentional shift or simply due to the busy schedule that the President has begun, while attempting to campaign and continue his duties as Commander in Chief.

During the 2020 Presidential election, Joe Biden was able to maintain a low-profile, spread-out campaign with no other responsibilities. However, this time around, Biden has been forced to juggle his duties as President along with campaigning for a second term.


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