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Biden Starts Screaming About The Deficit During Healthcare Remarks (Video)



President Biden

President Joe Biden held remarks today from the White House to address lowering healthcare costs for Americans. The event was started with brief remarks from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

The event was held at the Indian Treaty Room in the White House. President Joe Biden began his remarks by mentioning Senator Bernie Sanders’ introduction, but trailing off before he could get the entire sentence out.

The President can be quoted as saying, “I wouldn’t a done without Bernie and Bernie got it, you know, look…” See a clip of that moment from Biden’s healthcare remarks from the White House with Senator Bernie Sanders in the clip below,

Later on during these remarks President Joe Biden began to scream about lowering the federal deficit. Politifact has debunked the claim by Biden that he has lowered the deficit by $1 Trillion. Before he began to scream into the microphone during his remarks today, the President lowered himself to the microphone and almost started whispering.

Biden said,

It cuts the deficit by $160 BILLION dollars. $160 Billion. No, I’m serious! Think about it!

President Joe Biden

See a clip of that moment below,

Concerns about President Biden’s health have been a major problem for his re-election campaign heading into the 2024 Election. An Associated Press-NORC poll from early March found that 6 in 10 American voters have serious questions about Biden’s ability to conduct the duties of the Office of President of the United States.

As awkward speeches like today continue to become more prevalent as Biden makes more public appearances before the Election, we can only assume that these doubts about Biden’s health will only worsen.

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