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Biden Tells Bizarre Story About Cannibals Eating His Grandfather In Pittsburgh



Biden in Pittsburgh

President Joe Biden told a bizarre story in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania today during a campaign stop with the United Steelworkers Union. The President recounted a story involving his grandfather and cannibals.

Yesterday Biden conducted two separate campaign events in the Scranton area. The President will arrive back at the White House at around 5:30 PM this evening.

Biden said to the media gathered in Pittsburgh,

“Ambrose Finnegan, we called him Uncle Bosey, he was shot down. He was Army air corps before there was an Air Force. He flew a single engine plane, reconnaissance flights over New Guinea. He volunteered because someone couldn’t make it.

He got shot down in an area where there were a lot of cannibals in New Guinea, at the time, they never recovered his body, but the government went back when I went down there and they found parts of the plane, and the light. What I was thinking about when I was standing there, is when Trump refused to go up to the memorial in Paris, and he said they were a bunch of suckers and losers.”

President Joe Biden in Pittsburgh

See a clip of Biden making this bizarre statement about Ambrose Finnegan in Pittsburgh below,

I’m seeing shades on cornpop here. If you’re wondering what Ambrose Finnegan, Biden’s grandfather, looks like here’s a picture of the man who was, according to his grandson, eaten by cannibals in New Guinea. We will also include a picture of Biden.

A mighty strange political approach is unfolding in Pittsburgh. In a strange way, Biden does look a lot like his grandfather. You can surely see the resemblance.

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