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Biden Warns Israel Not To Attack Their Own City In Latest Gaffe




President Joe Biden appeared in Pittsburgh yesterday after spending Tuesday in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The President is heavily campaigning in Pennsylvania, a State which will have a tremendous impact on the 2024 Presidential election.

Polls have Biden and Trump nearly even in Pennsylvania, setting up an extremely close fight between the two for the coveted 19 electoral votes.

While speaking to the press in Pennsylvania yesterday, President Joe Biden made yet another gaffe when attempting to warn the nation of Israel not to escalate conflict in the Middle East.

During that comment, President Biden mistakenly warned Israel not to attack Haifa, which is actually a city in Israel. By mistake, President Biden accidentally warned Israel not to attacks itself.

The President said,

“And I made it clear to Israelis. Don’t move on Haifa. It’s just not, I mean, anybody, I just… Look what we did recently when Israel was attacked!”

President Joe Biden

See a clip of President Joe Biden making this statement while campaigning in Pennsylvania yesterday below,

The Biden Administration and campaign have been at odds over the issue of Israel for some time now. Administration officials, such as White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre or John Kirby have attempted to distance themselves from support for Israel, while the Biden campaign has repeatedly affirmed their support for Israel.

To really get a sense of who the Biden campaign supports, we must examine the actions of the Biden Administration, which has paved the way for Iranian aggression in the Middle East. Through the easing of sanctions, and the giving away of relief, Biden has strengthened and legitimized Iran, creating the possibility for this strike in the first place.

The Biden camp has an Israel problem. It appears that his Administration and campaign are at odds with each other over the subject, leaving voters wondering what the Biden Administration really is.

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