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Bill Maher Clashes With Hosts Of ‘The View’ In New Interview (Video)



During his appearance on The View today, Bill Maher and the panel of hosts on the show spent nearly the entire twenty-minute interview discussing Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The interview started with Joy Behar acknowledging that Maher often makes jokes about both candidates, and that many people are unhappy with him because of it. Maher quickly cuts Behar off and asserts that he doesn’t make fun of them “equally” because he believes Trump is “more dangerous.”

Joy Behar reaffirms Maher’s statement, expressing her fear of criticizing Biden as she is concerned that her criticism might sway undecided individuals away from supporting Biden. Maher quickly responded to Behar, stating that holding back based on biases causes you to lose all credibility with your audience.

Maher then went on a rant detailing how it is “not fair” that Biden and Trump are “almost the same age,” however Biden “presents as old,” while former President Trump does not. Bill even went as far as to say that Biden should have resignedafter the autoworkers’ strike in September.

Maher went on to use the example of Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a cautionary tale of what happens when you “stay too long at the fair.” He argued that she tarnished her legacy by overstaying her welcome and transformed the Supreme Court into a “pretty right-wing organization.”

Later in the interview, Maher seemingly came back down to earth, stating that regardless of whether you hate or love Donald Trump, you cannot label everyone who supports him as a racist. Maher states, “I would never say that we should put the swastika on the cap, because I think you can hate Donald Trump, but you can’t hate everyone who likes him; it’s half the country. I don’t want to live in that country. I don’t want to live in a country where I hate half the people, and I don’t hate half the country.”

Immediately after Maher made this statement, Joy Behar quickly chimed in, stating, “How dare you disagree with me in public.”

Maher explained to the panel that the concerns of Donald Trump’s supporters are more personal, like when “my kid is coming home from school and they are not allowed to tell me if they’re transitioning.” Maher also mentioned that “there is a lot of crazy stuff on the left.” Bill concluded by saying, “What’s going to get him elected is woke stuff, that a lot of people in this country just don’t go for.”

Following a commercial break, Sunny Hostin began by saying she was “struck” by the fact that Bill Maher would use the word “woke,” stating that historically, the term “woke” was used by the black community to emphasize the importance of being aware of social inequalities and injustices. She also noted that the new meaning of the word had been shaped by the right wing.

Maher quickly responds by stating that “words migrate” and that he would use any word they liked to describe the change the left has seen in his lifetime, but that wouldn’t change the reality of the situation.

Maher used recent protests as an example, stating that watching people protest for a terrorist organization like Hamasperfectly demonstrated the change that has taken place in the Democratic Party in recent years. Sunny Hostin then pleads with Maher, asking, “Are you not concerned about the innocent civilians who have been collectively punished and murdered?” to which Maher replies, “It’s a war.”

With Bill Maher being one of the few television hosts willing to listen to arguments from the other side, the entire interview provides valuable insights into the thought processes of the hosts of “The View,” while also highlighting the disconnect between the average American and the millionaires on the show.


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