CBS Renews Reality Show Survivor For Seasons 47 & 48



Survivor,’ a show which has dominated the airwaves for several decades now as one of the most prominent reality television shows of all time, has been renewed by CBS for a 47th and 48th season.

The show is rapidly approaching its pinnacle 50th season, a feat that has rarely been achieved in television. Only a handpicked few shows, like the Tonight Show and Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy can claim to have had as much success as Survivor.

In Season 45 of the show, the program was adapted to be 90-minutes long. The 47th and 48th seasons just approved by CBS will also be in this 90-minute format, as the change appears to be welcomed by the audience, and therefore a tremendous success.

The dominant reality series will resume airing next spring for its upcoming seasons.

Over the years, Survivor has had a number of wacky contestants that have set all kinds of strange records. For instance, Denise Stapley is the only castaway to attend every tribal council in her season. She also is currently the oldest female winner, at 41 during her Final Tribal Council.

Keith Famie has the longest days on Survivor on average (in the U.S. version) at 41 days because Survivor made Australian Outback 42 days long.

Since its original inception in 2000, Survivor has broken into several different kinds of shows that have maintained popularity no matter the theme in which they are based.

For that, the creators of the show deserve tremendous credit. Survivor is one of the longest lasting television franchises in the history of the medium, and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

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