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Colorado Sec. of State Jena Griswold Reacts To Supreme Court Ballot Ruling




Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold released a statement today after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against a Colorado Supreme Court decision that barred formed President Donald Trump from access to the 2024 Presidential ballot in the state.

Griswold assisted the effort in Colorado to bar the former President from the ballot. One statement put out by the Secretary of State on the matter read as following, “Today a lawsuit was filed to determine whether former President Donald J. Trump is disqualified from the Colorado ballot for inciting the January 6th insurrection and attempting to overturn the 2020 Presidential Election. The United States Constitution bars anyone who has taken an oath to protect the Constitution from holding office if they have ‘engaged in insurrection or rebellion’ or ‘given aid or comfort to the enemies’ of the Constitution. I look forward to the Colorado Court’s substantive resolution of the issues, and am hopeful that this case will provide guidance to election officials on Trump’s eligibility as a candidate for office.”

Griswold said on Twitter this morning,

I am disappointed in the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision stripping states of the authority to enforce Section 3 of the 14th Amendment for federal candidates. Colorado should be able to bar oath-breaking insurrections from our ballot.

Colorado Secretary of state jena griswold

While speaking outside of the Supreme Court on February 8th, Griswold said,

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment is in place to protect our country from insurrectionists understanding that insurrectionists in office are a danger. It is there because insurrectionists — if elected — can dismantle democracy from (within) it. I’m hopeful that justices will look at the facts with an open mind and make a big decision for the United States to protect our democracy from the danger of another Trump candidacy and another Trump presidency.”



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