Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Ordered To Take Paternity Test



It may be February, and the 2023 NFL season might be over, but that hasn’t stopped Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys from dominating national headlines. Even in the offseason, the Cowboys are often the focus of NFL media coverage, including the antics of owner Jerry Jones.

This time, Jones has been ordered to take a paternity test to determine whether he is the father of a 27-year-old woman named Alexandra Davis. Davis sued Jones in 2022, alleging that the Cowboys owner is her biological father.

Court documents outline that Jones allegedly reached a settlement with Davis’ mother in the 1990s. Jones allegedly agreed to support Davis’ mother, and her family, as long as she did not reveal the identity of the Dallas Cowboys owner.

Jones’ lawyers have appealed the ruling that the owner must take a paternity test. Davis’ attorney had this to say about the ruling,

“Alex is in a position where she really no longer has to hide her truth or live under the thumb of fear and maybe she’s going to finally get some peace and we hope other families will have that same benefit from the judge following the law.”

Davis’ lawyer on the case

Jones has reportedly also been sued by Davis for defamation in an entirely different case.

Davis also sued Jones in 2023, citing defamation, alleging that Jones and two others made deliberate attempts to call her out as an “extortionist” and “shakedown artist.” The case was refiled in November after being partially dismissed in October.

Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys in 1989, and the franchise has grown to be worth over nine billion dollars in his over thirty years as the Cowboys Owner.

Now at 81 years old, Jones is being ordered to take a paternity test.

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