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Criminal Justice Reform Advocate Arrested After Dismembered Corpse Found In NYC Apartment



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A popular criminal justice reform advocate, Sheldon Johnson, is facing a charge of second-degree murder following the discovery of a headless torso in a New York City apartment.

Johnson, who had appeared on the beloved podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” last month to discuss criminal justice reform and his life story. Sheldon detailed his struggles in life and the cycle that leaves generations of families dead or incarcerated. Sheldon detailed his fight to turn his life around for his family.

“It was at that moment that I really said – I have to change my life – I have to change my life – I just can’t do this,” Johnson said on the podcast. “I had a wife, I had kids, I had family still, my son was growing up – he was hearing stories of my so-called notoriety – I just didn’t want to be that dad.”


Investigators identified the alleged victim as 44-year-old Collin Small. The relationship between Johnson and Small is unknown at this time.

After spending over 20 years in prison in connection with a violent robbery, Johnson was released in May last year. Hehas since pursued a career in counseling at-risk youth through the Queen’s Defenders, which provide lawyers to defendants who are unable to afford an attorney.

Police were called to Small’s apartment for a check by the building’s superintendent after gunshots had reportedly been heard. 

“Someone was pleading for their life. She said she heard two gunshots, someone said ‘please don’t kill me I got family,’ something like that and two more gunshots pretty quickly,” 


When officers arrived at the apartment, they discovered Johnson inside, along with Small’s torso and a foot found in a large bin. Police also found Small’s other foot, arms, legs, and head in the apartment’s freezer during their continued search.

Police are alleging that Johnson shot Small to death and dismembered his corpse.

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