Dallas Cowboys Trade The 24th Overall Pick To Detroit Lions



Heading into the 2024 NFL draft, Cowboys fans were unsure what to expect from the team with their 24th overall pick in the first round. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys chose to trade their 24th overall pick to the Detroit Lions for the Lions’ 29th overall pick in the first round, along with their third-round pick.

After six quarterbacks were selected within the first twelve picks of the draft, defensive players who were anticipated to go much earlier in the first round ended up falling to the middle to end of the first round. The first cornerback was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles with the 22nd pick. The Dallas Cowboys were able to take advantage of the slide by trading back five picks with the Detroit Lions.

With the 29th overall pick in the draft, the Cowboys selected Tyler Guyton, an offensive tackle from Oklahoma. Standing at six feet eight inches and weighing three hundred twenty-two pounds, Guyton has the potential to continue the Cowboys’ streak of selecting Pro Bowl offensive linemen in the first round of the NFL draft.

While Guyton is said to be a bit unrefined, he possesses the size and athleticism to become a dominant force in the league. The Cowboys were able to fill a position of need while also adding more picks to their 2024 draft, where they aim to address other gaps in their 2024 lineup.

With seven draft selections remaining, the Cowboys are looking to fill other notable gaps in their roster, including another offensive lineman, a running back, as well as linebacker.

While the Dallas Cowboys are known to be rather quiet during free agency, they also have a great reputation when it comes to the NFL draft. Fans hope that the selections made this week will be the ingredient that the team needs to take the next step forward.

Aside from the draft, the Cowboys still have contracts for Ceedee Lamb and Dak Prescott looming over their heads. While Micah Parsons fifth-year option was picked up days before the NFL Draft.

The Cowboys are hoping that Guyton will help fill out their offensive line headed into the 2024 season.


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