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Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell Calls Trump A ‘Legal Terrorist’ On MSNBC




Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell appeared on MSNBC yesterday to make a shocking claim about former President Donald Trump, who is the Republican nominee for President in 2024.

During an exchange with MSNBC, Swalwell claimed that the Republican nominee for President is a ‘legal terrorist,’ a statement which immediately began to generate massive controversy across the United States.

Swalwell is no stranger to controversy, as the controversial Democrat has been embroiled in scandal before. The California Democrat has been previously busted for having a relationship with a Chinese spy, as well as being one of the main purveyors of the myth of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

The most recent controversial statement by Swalwell on MSNBC reads as following,

“He is a legal terrorist who has 40 years of experience, probably more than any person in America with lawsuits and tying up the system and seeking to delay, delay, delay, and so, it’s coming though Nicole. There’s a tapestry of accountability that he’s seen in the civil and criminal realm. It’s not coming as fast as it should, but it’s coming!”

Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell On Trump

See a clip of the Democrat Representative making that claim on MSNBC yesterday below,

Swalwell’s comment come as former President Trump faces a criminal trial in the State of New York over alleged hush money payments.

The latest Presidential polling data for 2024 shows Trump beating Biden nationally, garnering 51% of support in a new Marquette poll. Are Swalwell’s comments a simple response to polling data which shows that his own Party may lose the 2024 Presidential election?

Swalwell followed up his on-air comments with a tweet calling Trump ‘Drowsy Don.’ That statement from his X account reads,

This trial started with many wondering if Trump would be able to keep his mouth shut. Turns out the challenge is whether he can keep his eyes open. #DrowsyDon

Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell On Twitter
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