Democrats Attack Trump’s Platform As ‘Most Extreme in GOP History’



Today the Democrat National Committee released a statement via press release stating that former President Donald Trump’s 2024 platform, which today was adopted by the Republican National Committee, is the ‘most extreme’ in the history of the Republican Party.

The statement slams Trump’s agenda as “terrifying,” adding that Trump’s platform contains “lie after lie after lie.” The short bulletin concludes Rowland’s quote by stating that the only way to stop Trump and his agenda is by “reelecting President Biden and Vice President Harris in November.”

DNC National Press Secretary Emilia Rowland stated in that press release,

“Trump is so desperate to distance himself from Project 2025 as the American people are grappling with the terrifying truth about his second term agenda that he and his team overhauled the Republican platform process to keep the public and the press in the dark, all caps-ed 20 bullet points behind closed doors, and blasted it out to divert attention from his real plans: a national abortion ban, handouts for his billionaire donors on the backs of middle-class Americans, cuts to Medicare and Social Security, and to be a dictator on ‘day one.’”

Trump and his allies on the Right have been circulating a short bulleted list of all the President’s key issues heading into the 2024 Election. This bulletin has emerged after former President Donald Trump denounced the Project 2025 agenda created by the Heritage Foundation, and promoted by right-wing influencers like Steve Bannon.

See all 20 of the bullet points below,

In a move which shocked many, Trump claimed to have nothing to do with the project in a post to his Truth Social account. That Truth is included below, and reads, “I know nothing about Project 2025. I have no idea who is behind it. I disagree with some of the things that they’re saying and some of the things they’re saying are absolutely ridiculous and abysmal. Anything they do, I wish them luck, but I have nothing to do with them.”

The Democrat National Committee rewrote Trump’s bullet point list that has been circulating the internet since Trump first posted it.

The rewritten bullet points read,

  1. Tank a bipartisan border security deal for Trump’s political gain 
  2. Rip families apart while enacting cruel anti-immigrant policies
  3. Send inflation soaring, risking an economic crash
  4. Gut environmental protections to appease Big Oil and Big Gas 
  5. Wage a reckless trade war and impose a bigger tax on middle class families
  6. Gift massive tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy and big corporations at the expense of the middle class 
  7. Rip away as many freedoms as possible from as many Americans as possible
  8. Double down on being an international embarrassment, turning against our allies, praising foreign dictators and authoritarian leaders, and siding with our adversaries over our military and intelligence communities
  9. Weaponize the government to target and fire “disloyal” federal employees
  10.  Rail against historic legislation such as the American Rescue Plan which bolstered law enforcement’s ability to protect our communities 
  11. Continue to fail to deliver on infrastructure and investing in America after making “Infrastructure Week” a long-running joke
  12. Call servicemembers “suckers” and “losers” 
  13. Rig the economy for the ultra-wealthy and big corporations and cause an “inflation bomb” with no regard for how it would affect the middle class 
  14. Gut Social Security and Medicare
  15. Threaten thousands of jobs being created thanks to President Biden’s EV manufacturing boom, rolling back progress in fighting the climate crisis while costing good paying jobs and causing economic harm
  16. Completely eliminate the Department of Education – causing a crisis for teachers, parents, and students 
  17. Attack the LGBTQ+ community, ripping away their rights and rolling back anti-discrimination protections
  18. Repeal other measures to ensure all Americans have opportunities to thrive and threatening children’s ability to learn true American history 
  19. Fail to accept election results and attempt to overturn the 2024 election
  20. Attacking democracy at every turn
  21. Redacted: Ban abortion nationwide 

It’s safe to say that Trump’s policy prescriptions more than upset the Democrat National Committee. It remains to be seen if the ominous warnings issued by the Democrat Party will translate to electoral success in November.

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