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‘Dune: Part Two’ Notches Stellar $81.5 Million Box Office Debut



Dune: Part Two

Dune: Part Two notched an $81.5 Million opening weekend in theaters over the last several days, making it the first major film success of the 2024 calendar year. The film’s stars include Timothée Chalamet, Florence Pugh, Austin Butler, and Zendaya.

In a situation that is rarely seen, Dune: Part Two is beloved by both critics, and viewers. The film achieved a 93% score from critics on the site Rotten Tomatoes, along with a 95% score from viewers.

The original film received an 83% score from critics, and a 90% score from viewers. This means that the Dune series falls into a rare category in which the sequel is more highly rated than the original.

The film was originally scheduled for released in November of 2023, but due to the Hollywood Strike and other factors, was not released until February of 2024.

While the film reportedly cost over $190 Million to create, the worldwide box office has already achieved $178 Million, meaning that Dune: Part Two will most likely be a smashing financial success as well as a fantastically reviewed film.

Part of Dune’s marketing campaign was a special popcorn bucket that is only available at AMC theaters. It is supposed to represent the film’s giant sandworm, but instead, made internet users laugh at the suggestive nature of the bucket.

Even before Dune was released, the popcorn bucket generated much controversy, being shown on Late Night shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live.

For now, it appears that we have the first smashing movie success of 2024, and with a box office and critical acclaim like that of Dune: Part Two, it can be expected that the fim will be a heavy contender in the 2024 Oscars.

Have you seen Dune: Part Two yet? If so, did you enjoy the film? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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