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Early Rock Guitar Hero Duane Eddy Dead At 86



Duane Eddy

Duane Eddy, widely recognized and celebrated for his innovations in lead guitar during the 1950s, has reportedly died at the age of 86. Eddy, best known for his hit ‘Rebel Rouser’ was an American icon.

Eddy popularized himself as a lead guitar player, something that had not been done prior to his rise to fame. He passed away on April 30th.

Between 1958 and 1963, Eddy had 15 Top 40 hits. He dominated the era.

His official cause of death is being listed as complications from cancer. He passed away in Franklin, Tennessee.

Legacy reports on his career,

Duane Eddy was already playing the guitar by the time he was five. He formed a band at age 16, and while performing for a local radio station in Arizona, he caught the attention of producer Lee Hazlewood (1929–2007). The music maker helped Eddy develop what would become his signature: a full, twangy sound produced by playing leads on the bass strings of his guitar. 

Eddy’s first song to chart, “Movin’ and Groovin’,” in 1958, influenced Chuck Berry (1926– 2017) and the riff on the Beach Boys’ “Surfin’ USA,” but it was his second song, “Rebel Rouser,” that proved to be a breakthrough. It reached No. 6 on the charts and sold a million copies. More successes followed, including “Cannonball,” “Shazam,” and “Peter Gunn,” which became a worldwide, Grammy Award-winning hit in 1986 when he remade the 1960 song with The Art of Noise. 

Eddy also had an acting career in the 1960s, appearing in films such as “Because They’re Young,” “The Wild Westerners,” and “The Savage Seven,” among others. 


Nancy Sinatra said about the passing of this legend,

Duane Eddy and I were friends for nearly 60 years and I am heartbroken over his passing. Sending love and condolences to Deed and the family and their friends. Farewell, old friend, godspeed and stay cool.

Nancy Sinatra

Rest in peace!

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