Establishment Republican Donors Swoop In To Save Tom Cole From Self-Funded Trump Republican Paul Bondar



First elected to the House of Representatives in 2002, Representative Tom Cole has long been a friend and ally of members of the Republican establishment, the same Republican establishment that has worked to vehemently oppose the Trump agenda in every facet of our legislature.

For the first time since he was first elected to the House in 2002, Cole is facing a formidable challenge in his Republican Primary race in 2024. The challenger is Paul Bondar, a Trump-supporting America First Republican who is self-funding his campaign. Bondar told Slingshot News that he intends to spend up to $7 Million in his challenge to the veteran Congressman.

As Bondar’s campaign has picked up steam, members of the Republican political establishment in Washington D.C. have taken notice, and have responded. A political action committee called ‘Americans 4 Security PAC,’ which has only two donors during the 2024 Election cycle, has recently deployed brutal and inaccurate negative advertisements against the hard-charging Bondar.

The two donors include a California Ranch owner by the name of Paul Hofer II, and a businessman named Dennis Troesh. A Slingshot News investigation into both of these donors has revealed shocking evidence that Tom Cole is receiving a financial boost from some of the most entrenched members of the Washington D.C. political class, namely those who worked tirelessly to stop the Make America Great Again movement’s influence over the Republican Party.

Cole’s Top Supporter Has Given Over $419,000 To Kevin McCarthy Since 2013

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

Our research showed that Dennis Troesh has donated over $438,000 to Kevin McCarthy through various avenues since 2013. McCarthy retired from the House of Representatives after being humiliatingly removed from his position as House Speaker after less than nine months.

McCarthy allowed for the hiring of 87,000 new IRS Agents that will be used, much like the weaponized Justice Department, to target the political opposition of the Democratic Party, including an overwhelming majority of Oklahoma Republicans. See donations from Troesh to McCarthy through the Kevin McCarthy for Congress campaign, the NRCC, and the Protect the House 2024 CA PAC below,

The former House Speaker also voted to send billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine, a key point of opposition for American First voters heading into the 2024 Election. McCarthy was also accused of being soft on China, a similarity he shares with veteran Republican Congressman Tom Cole.

Slingshot News has also separately reported that Kevin McCarthy is currently leading an effort to turn over the House of Representatives to Hakeem Jeffries and the Democrats prior to the 2024 Election, allowing the Democrats to pass a resolution already drawn up by Congressman Jamie Raskin that would ban Donald Trump from the 2024 Presidential ballot in all 50 States.

Cole’s Top Supporter Gave Over $438,000 To Mitch McConnell

Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell

Tom Cole’s top supporter Dennis Troesh has also given over $438,000 to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell over the last decade. Senator Ted Cruz, along with Senator Rick Scott and other Trump Republicans in the Senate Republican Caucus have called for McConnell to step down from his leadership position as recently as this February.

McConnell has signed off on over $200 Billion in aid to Ukraine. He has also joined the Democrat Party in supporting Joe Biden and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’ Green New Deal Climate agenda, as well as trillions in wasteful infrastructure spending that has resulted in rampant inflation.

See those donations from Cole’s top donor to McConnell through the NRSC via the Federal Election Commission below,

Without the support of Tom Cole’s largest financial supporter, there’s a fair chance that Mitch McConnell could have been replaced much sooner. It’s no surprise that Cole, who also supported sending over $200 Billion to Ukraine, is being propped up by the same donors as Mitch McConnell. The old Republican guard is desperate to keep their chess pieces in place.

Cole’s Top Donor Funded Ron DeSantis’ Failed Anti-Trump Run For President

Ron DeSantis

Just prior to Ron DeSantis’ announcement that he would be running against Donald Trump in the 2024 Presidential Election, Tom Cole’s top donor Dennis Troesh dumped over $135,000 into the Club For Growth Action PAC, a political action committee that supported Ron DeSantis’ run for President against Donald Trump.

See evidence of Troesh’s donations to the Club For Growth just prior to DeSantis’ campaign announcement below,

Those coming to the rescue of Congressman Tom Cole are the same individuals who funded Ron DeSantis’ run against Donald Trump in the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary. Despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars, DeSantis received little to no support in Iowa or New Hampshire, quickly dropping from the race.

Cole’s Top Donor Gave $100,000 To Former House Speaker Paul Ryan, Who Pushed the Russian Collusion Hoax

Paul Ryan

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan, who was among the main purveyors of the fake Russian collusion hoax after the 2016 Election, has also received sizeable donations from Tom Cole’s top donor, Dennis Troesh.

See evidence of those donations from the Federal Election Commission below,

Troesh gave $100,000 to Ryan surrounding the 2016 Election cycle. Former Speaker Paul Ryan is also the mentor of disgraced House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Cole’s Top Donor Gave $500k To A Koch Brothers Controlled PAC

In addition to supporting Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and Ron DeSantis, Cole’s top donor Dennis Troesh has also been a financial supporters of the establishment Republican Koch Brothers.

Troesh has given $500,000 to the Americans for Prosperity and Action PAC since 2018, further displaying his strong ties to the deepest parts of the Washington D.C. swamp.

See evidence of those donations below,

Cole’s donors highlight how the veteran congressman has voted in the past, and additionally, how he plans to vote if he is able to fend off this challenge by the self-funded Trump Republican Paul Bondar and successfully win re-election.

The fact that Bondar, who is not currently accepting money from any large political organization, is being targeted by groups associated with the most entrenched parts of the Washington D.C. political establishment only confirms what the challenger has said himself.

Paul Bondar is a threat to the established order in Washington, a threat that is obviously raising concerns with those who have overseen the degradation and decline of the American dream, as well as the ardent defense as ‘business-as-usual’ politics in contrast to the colorful and popular populism of the MAGA movement, populism that the average Republican voter overwhelmingly supports.

The advertisements put out by this group falsely allege that Bondar, who bought his dream home in the State of Oklahoma in 2023, does not live in the State of Oklahoma. Bondar debunked that claim to Slingshot News last week, showing us proof that he is in fact a resident of Oklahoma.

In a letter released by Slingshot News in our coverage of the false advertisements put out by Cole and the Republican establishment, Bondar raised the relevant issue of residency for his opponent Tom Cole, who sources tell Slingshot News is currently living in Washington D.C., and is rarely seen in the Sooner State.

An investigation into those defending veteran Congressman Tom Cole reveal that the Republican establishment is eager to protect Cole from Paul Bondar. I think the most relevant question for the voters of Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional district to ask themselves is why?

When America First Republicans in the House of Representatives put forth H. R. 7892, a bill designed to prevent China from purchasing farmland in the United States, Tom Cole helped make sure that the bill was never passed, refusing to add his name as a co-sponsor.

Why are the same donors who have brought Republican failures like Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan so eager to save Tom Cole?

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