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Famed Televangelist and Author Jerry Savelle Dies Aged 77




Jerry Savelle, a televangelist who wrote 70 books, spoke in over 3,000 churches and preached, has reportedly died at the age of 77. He reportedly died on April 15th, 2024.

Savelle was a controversial figure for his use of “prosperity gospel,” which is the practice of a preacher proclaiming that churchgoers who donate would receive their donations back through God.

Daystar Television posted the follwing remembrance of Savelle,

Today, we honor the incredible life and legacy of Dr. Jerry Savelle. His unwavering faith, passion for spreading the Gospel, and dedication to serving others will forever inspire us. Though he may be absent from this earthly realm, his impact will continue to touch hearts.

Daystar Television

Legacy reports on his controversial career,

Born in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Jerry Savelle was first drawn to preaching as a child while watching Oral Roberts (1918–2009) on television. He briefly owned a repair shop, Jerry’s Paint and Body Shop, in the 1960s but still felt the pulpit calling. He began his ministry in 1969 and did so on the road. He traveled from church to church — and soon country to country — to preach. For a time, he studied under Kenneth Copeland, now famed for his “prosperity gospel” teachings and fabulous wealth. 

Savelle founded Jerry Savelle Ministries International and preached across the world, reaching more than 40 countries and having offices on four continents. He was also the host of “Jerry Savelle Ministries,” which was broadcast in scores of countries around the world. Like Copeland, he was an advocate of the prosperity gospel, which says that donating to religious causes will bring wealth back to the donor. 

Savelle authored more than 70 books, including “If Satan Can’t Steal Your Joy, He Can’t Keep Your Goods,” “Why God Wants You to Prosper,” “The Spirit of Favor on Your House” and “Called to Battle Destined to Win.” 


Rest in peace, Jerry Savelle!

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