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Former NFL First Round Draft Pick Arrested on Meth and Firearm Charges



Damon Arnette

Former NFL first-round draft pick Damon Arnette was reportedly arrested on methamphetamine and firearm charges in Richardson, Texas in January 2024. Arnette was arrested on Jan. 6 at 3:30 a.m. in Richardson, Texas, which is just outside of Dallas.

Shortly after Arnette’s arrest, his attorney stated that the claims that Damon was arrested for methamphetamines and firearms are “not correct”. Arnette’s lawyer says the arrest was a result of his client being unable to prove that the medication he possessed was prescribed.

Arnette was selected with the 19th pick in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, and went on to play 13 games as a Raider. Arnette lost his spot on the Raiders in 2021 after a video was released showing him making threats and brandishing a firearm. There were concerns about Arnette’s conduct even before he was drafted to the Raiders.

Damon signed a futures deal with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2022 but was released after being arrested on drug charges in the same year in Las Vegas. Arnette could have been on back-to-back Super Bowl teams, but instead, finds himself in legal trouble.

Arnette’s attorneys released a statement to NFL media which stated,

The recent report that [Arnette] was arrest for possession for methamphetamines and firearms is simply incorrect. Our client, at the time of the stop, was unable to provide law enforcement with his prescription for a lawful medication. The arrest was predicated on Mr. Arnette being unable to prove the medication was prescribed, had he been able to do so at the time of the stop, there would have been no arrest for either the controlled substance or the firearms. Our offices are working with the local law enforcement to rectify this matter before any charges are brought by the District Attorney’s Office.

Jason Lampert and Thomas Wynne

We surely hope that things get better for the former first round pick!

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