Former Trump Pentagon Official Col. Douglas Macgregor Calls For Biden’s Removal and ‘Early’ Election



Retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor, who served as an appointed advisor to the Secretary of Defense under the Trump Administration, appeared on controversial political figure Roger Stone’s 77 WABC radio show in New York this weekend to discuss a wide range of topics, including the looming threat of China, and more controversially, the cognitive state of President Joe Biden. 

Macgregor, in addition to serving in the Trump Administration, led tank warfare operations in the Gulf War. He is a combat veteran, who was a top planner for the NATO bombings of Yugoslavia that took place in 1999.

This weekend on Roger Stone’s WABC show, Macgregor stated his controversial view that Biden should be removed from his position as President of the United States. The Colonel told Stone,

“We are dealing with a government that is hostile us, I think we need to realize this, I think Americans sense it, but it’s very serious. We’re gonna be lucky to survive it. That’s one of the reasons that I called for an early election. Obviously, President Biden shouldn’t have to be in Office, and he should be removed… Most people agree with that. The problem is that won’t get us out of the mess we’re in right now. If we can get an early election, and hold a fair and honest election, hold a real election, make people walk in and say yes, I am a citizens of the United States, this is where I legally live and prove it. If we went to that, we could have a new government in short order.”

Former Trump Official Col. Douglas Macgregor Calls For ‘Early’ Election

Macgregor has previously raised the legal question of whether official Government documents signed by Biden, such as his many Executive orders, are valid due to Biden’s cognitive state.

The retired Colonel has simultaneously launched a petition titled ‘Declaration of Incapacity’ which demands the removal of President Joe Biden for ‘acts of treason. Within that document, Macgregor calls for ‘an emergency election’ to be ‘held within the next 60 days’ in order to ‘ensure the continuity of government.’

MacGregor took pains to clarify that all of the steps he proposed were currently legal. MacGregor and his supporters said they will, “confront existential threats at home and shall assert our unquestionable authority over all branches of government and make them comply with all provisions of the Constitution and observe exactly the principles of fundamental law.”

In his Military career, Macgregor successfully served in the ‘Battle of 73 Easting’ during the Gulf War, which lasted just 23 minutes. U.S. forces under the command of Macgregor destroyed 70 Iraqi vehicles and saw no causalities in the fight. Journalist Thomas E. Ricks described Macgregor as, “one of the Army’s leading thinkers on innovation,” highlighting the level to which the combat veteran is respected for his work in the U.S. Military.

Now retired from his military career, having departed the Armed Forces in 2004, Macgregor is the current CEO of OurCountryOurChoice.com as well as an accomplished author, having published five books of his own. The veteran became a source of great controversy during the Trump Administration in 2020 after his nomination as the United States Ambassador to Germany was blocked by the U.S. Senate.

Macgregor Warns Of Chinese Threat To United States

During his interview on 77 WABC, Macgregor warned of the threat of China’s strategy against the United States.

Macgregor warned that China’s principle threat to the United States is not from its military prowess, but its ‘economic imperialism,’ and active operations to purchase land in the continental United States. Macgregor cited the Southern Border as an avenue by which China intends to continue to weaken the U.S. economy. “Close the border, for God’s sake, close the border. That has to happen. We should have 50-60,000 troops on the border right now. That play should be locked down tight as a drum,” Macgregor told Stone.

The Colonel then called for the United States to expel Chinese immigrants”Every Chinese that leaves China is taken aside and told, ‘Now you understand wherever you go, whatever you do, if you find anything of value to China, you send it back to China,’ and this has been going on for thousands of years,” Macgregor asserted.

Controversy Continued For Douglas Macgregor

Almost immediately after he was officially blocked from becoming the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Colonel Macgregor was hired by Trump’s Pentagon as an advisor to the Secretary of Defense. He was also successfully appointed by Trump to serve on the Board of the U.S. Military Academy Upon taking office in January of 2021, President Joe Biden terminated Macgregor from his position on the Board of the U.S. Military Academy. 

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