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‘Has He Lost It?’: Terrence Howard Ripped For ‘Insane’ Joe Rogan Appearance



Terrence Howard

Actor Terrence Howard, who notably starred in the hit television show Empire, and had a prominent role as James Rhodes in the first Robert Downey Jr.-led Iron Man (2008) film recently appeared on Joe Rogan’s hit podcast The Joe Rogan Experience.

During his appearance, Howard outlined many controversial theories and premises regarding science and mathematics that have caused an uproar in the intellectual, educational, and influencer worlds alike.

For one, Howard boldly claimed that 1 x 1 does not in fact equal 1, but actually equals 2. In his controversial Joe Rogan Experience appearance, Howard said that 1 x 1 actually equals 2. Howard’s reasoning for this change in the basic human understanding of mathematics is based in Newton’s third law of relativity, which states “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Though he is a revolutionarily bright individual that has an incredible ability to absorb intense and difficult information, Howard misses a basic point of fact in this theory, which happens to be the basis, by his own admission, of much of his understanding (or interpretation) of math and science in general.

The Problem With Terrence Howard’s Equation

What Howard fails to understand is that multiplication itself is not an action. It’s a visual representation of the repetition of a number. For instance, 8 x 2 can also be represented as 8 + 8.

8 x 3 can be represented as 8 + 8 + 8. The multiplication symbol, and multiplication in general, is merely an expedited process used to represent multiple additions of the original number within the equation.

In the case of 1 x 1, nothing takes place. As in the case of 2 x 1, or 3 x 1, or 4 x 1. The answer of these equations, when multiplying by one, is always the number which is not the 1 because by definition, the multiplication of a number by 1 is an action-less equation. In the case of 1 x 1, the original number is 1, therefore only one 1 is left.

A Feud With Neil Degrasse Tyson

During his appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Howard voiced displeasure with astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson over a letter he had sent to the scientist, claiming the Degrasse Tyson stopped answering his calls.

Degrasse Tyson responded respectfully to Howard’s polite jab in a lengthy video explaining his disagreements with Howard’s theories. See that video below,

Several Youtube accounts parodying, and in all truth mocking Howard’s appearance on the Rogan podcast have received hundreds of thousands of views following the release of the controversial podcast.

What did you make of Terrence Howard’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience? Let us know in the comments!

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