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Hogan And Trone Unite To Keep Maryland Politics White In Senate Race




When Gloria Richardson, a young black woman who led the Cambridge movement from 1961 until the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, was fighting for equality for Black Americans in the State of Maryland and the Country, she probably never could have envisioned a day when the segregated leadership of the white politics of Maryland would ever change.

Now, in 2024, Maryland finally has a chance to change. Coming off a historic election in which the State elected its first ever Black Governor Wes Moore, Maryland now has an opportunity to elect its first ever Black U.S. Senator Angela Alsobrooks.

Alsobrooks is currently the Executive of Prince George’s County. She previously served as the State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County prior to being elected as County Executive.

Both professionally and personally accomplished, Alsobrooks’ potential election serves to deliver Maryland into the future, and closer to equality, veering the State away from its checkered past of racial discrimination and abuse. The Prince George’s County Executive is vying to replace Maryland Senator Ben Cardin, who has held his seat in the U.S. Senate since 2007.

Alsobrooks, if elected, would be just the 13th Black Senator elected in United States history, marking a tremendous step forward for not just Maryland, but the Country.

There’s Just One Problem… The Rich, White Maryland Political Establishment Is Trying To Stop Alsobrooks

On the Democrat side of ticket, Alsobrooks has been challenged by David Trone, a current member of the House of Representatives and wealthy white member of the Maryland establishment political class. Trone is estimated to be worth north of $10 Million.

On the Republican side, Alsobrooks would be challenged by former Governor Larry Hogan if he wins the Primary, who is also a wealthy white member of the Maryland political establishment. Larry Hogan is estimated to be worth over $2 Billion based on the holdings of The Hogan Group, a conglomeration of hundreds of businesses owned by the former Governor.

Besides serving two terms as Governor, Hogan has never held any other political office.

Slingshot News has been told exclusively by sources within the Maryland Republican Party that former Governor Larry Hogan was partially responsible for convincing David Trone to enter the race for Senate in Maryland. We have been exclusively informed that Hogan has worked to insert Trone in the race in fear that Angela Alsobrooks will defeat him in the 2024 General Election should they both win their respective primaries on May 14th, 2024.

To confirm our sources, we began conducting an investigation into the federal campaign finance data of Trone’s campaign, as well as Hogan’s. We found that Gary Mangum, a prolific Hogan donor who has supported both of Hogan’s gubernatorial runs, and even the campaign of his stepdaughter Jaymi Sterling, has also donated to David Trone. See evidence of Mangum’s donation to Trone for the 2024 Election cycle below,

Gary Mangum Donations to Democrat Senate Candidate David Trone
Gary Mangum Donations to Republican Senate Candidate Larry Hogan

Why would Mangum, a prolific donor to Maryland Republicans and Larry Hogan, also be donating to David Trone? Unfortunately, the most likely answers resides in the information delivered to Slingshot News by our sources in the Maryland Republican Party. Trone is coordinating with Hogan to prevent Alsobrooks from winning the Democrat nomination for U.S. Senate.

On the precipice of real change, and electing an accomplished and successful Black American to the U.S. Senate, the rich, white political establishment is lashing out at the Maryland electorate, and attempting to deprive Marylanders of a real choice in the 2024 Election.

Hogan has also received numerous donations from anti-abortion Republicans throughout the United States, including Florida Senator Marco Rubio through his ‘Reclaim America’ PAC as well as Alabama Senator Katie Britt, who delivered an infamously terrible rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s most recent State of the Union address.

Slingshot News was also informed by our sources in the Maryland Republican Party that the Hogan campaign ‘fears’ the ‘black radicalism’ of Angela Alsobrooks, a fear that is also shared by establishment political pawn David Trone.

Maryland is currently 5th in the Nation in terms of black population percentage, making it one of the most diverse States in the Country.

If it were left to white establishment political figures such as David Trone and Larry Hogan, the racial makeup of Maryland politics would never change. The goal of the Maryland political establishment is to keep things as white as possible.

That’s why, in a desperate move, we are told that Hogan inserted Trone into the Democratic Primary. The idea that Angela Alsobrooks, an eloquent and successful black woman, would be robbed of a legitimate election simply speaks to the malevolence of the Hogan.

Hogan has vowed to continue support for Israel in their genocide against the people of Palestine, and has openly accepted donations from Republicans who wish to pull America back into the days before women’s suffrage, stripping Maryland women of their sacred right to choose.

Maryland, especially with election of our first black Governor in 2022, is ready for a change. A new era of representation which reflects the makeup of its people. Angela Alsobrooks is that change.

It remains to be seen whether Maryland Democrats will realize this, or not, before it’s too late. The Democratic Senate Primary is on May 14th, and recent polls show Alsobrooks and Trone in a near dead tie.

As election day nears, the prospect of the white Maryland political establishment blocking out the most accomplished Black candidate for Senate in the history of the State, is becoming closer to reality.

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