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House Democrat Says Trump Supporters Should ‘Be Ashamed Of Themselves’ (Video)



Robert Garcia

Democrat Representative Robert Garcia appeared on MSNBC over the weekend in order to discuss former President Trump’s stance on illegal immigration, and the Representative’s disagreement with Trump on the issue.

While in Office, and while campaigning for President, Trump spoke of and implemented some of the most effective immigration laws in the history of the United States. Deportations by ICE fell sharply during Trump’s Administration, while Customs and Border Patrol deportations increased by a large margin.

The policies implemented by Trump, specifically his Remain-In-Mexico policy coupled with putting an end to ‘catch-and-release’ practices by the Border Patrol discouraged migrants from coming to the Southern Border tremendously.

On the contrary, over 6 million migrants have crossed the border under President Joe Biden, as Biden ended Remain-In-Mexico and reinstated ‘catch-and-release’ shortly after taking office in 2021.

Border security and immigration are, once again, top issues for the American people heading into the 2024 Election. Cities like New York, that once welcomed immigrants with open arms, are now pleading with migrants to stop coming to their city.

Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams has described the phenomenon as New York’s cup having ‘runneth over.’ The Democrat Mayor has said that there is literally no more room in the entirety of New York City for the amount of illegal immigrants surging into the city. See a clip of Adams making that statement below…

Even Democrats, who once celebrated illegal immigration, are now disagreeing with the Biden Administration. That small fact did not stop Democrat Representative Robett Garcia from scolding Trump on the issue of immigration on MSNBC over the weekend.

The Democrat Representative said,

“It’s really shameful, it’s disgusting. I think what he has done to the immigration conversation has really set us back as a Country. Those men that died on that bridge are heroes. Those are the kind of men that I grew up with. I’m an immigrant. I came here as a young kid. I come from a family of working class immigrants, and just to see folks from my family, like these men being demonized by a former President, by the Republican nominee for President. It’s just disgusting. Donald Trump and all of his supporters should be ashamed of themselves.”

See a clip of Garcia making that statement below,

Garcia, who was not born in thew United States, has been given every opportunity imaginable by this Nation, and the people who inhabit it, and yet he feels entitled to tell a majority of Americans that they should be ashamed of themselves.

Perhaps the spoiled child who gets to be a Representative of a Nation he is not even a native inhabitant of, and scolds the American people for believing that they have a right to control who enters their country, should be the one who is ashamed of himself.

Garcia’s position of telling people like the parents of Laken Riley, a college student that was slain by an illegal immigrant, that they should be ashamed of themselves is an interesting political strategy to say the least.

As Biden and the Democrats continue to see weak polling numbers in key states around the country, maybe they should ask themselves if their position on immigration, and having individuals like Garcia reprimanding the American people for having an opinion on immigration on National TV have anything to do with their plummeting poll numbers.

The arrogance and lack of respect for America represented in this clip is truly astounding.

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