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Jen Psaki Celebrates Trump’s New York Criminal Trial



Jen Psaki

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was having the time of her life last night. The former Biden Administration official, who now hosts a bi-weekly show on MSNBC (that is strangely called ‘Inside “with” Jen Psaki’) used her monologue during her Monday show to celebrate the beginning of former President Trump’s criminal trial in New York.

Psaki, who has used nearly every single minute of her time on the airwaves to promote her former boss Joe Biden, and launch attacks against his opponent Donald Trump, simply could not help herself.

The infamous redhead could barely contain her emotions during her nearly 5-minute monologue to kick off her show last night, as Psaki claimed that Trump had ‘fallen asleep’ during the trial without any evidence to support the claim.

“Today Donald Trump was beholden to the same rules and norms that govern the rest of us. According to reporters in the room, Trump even closed his eyes for a period of time. He might have been thinking, might of been sleeping, but I mean, who among us hasn’t done that?”

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

The former Biden official then went on to celebrate the criminal trial, saying, “the court system can do this!” Psaki said,

“The big lesson learned today is that they did, in fact, deal with all of it. The court system can do this. Donald Trump walked in, had his first day in criminal court, walked out, and tomorrow he will be right back at that table at 9:30 AM. After months, months, years of disappointments, delay tactics, I mean boy, have the wheels of justice turned slowly at times, am I right? But today, one of the most effective obfuscators of justice was brought to trial, and he will stay there until a verdict is reached.”

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

See a clip of Psaki’s monologue from last night attacking Trump, and celebrating his criminal trial below,

If having former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel on the airwaves is unacceptable, as NBC deemed when they terminated her contract just days after announcing her hiring on the network, then having Jen Psaki on the airwaves is also unacceptable.

Psaki’s job was to be a spokeswoman for the Biden Administration. If you watched her briefings then, and watch her MSNBC show now, it would be hard to tell the difference between her activities in either position.

In both jobs, Psaki has acted as a well-paid and prominent advocate for the Biden Administration.

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