Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Unfrosted’ Pop-Tart Film Bombs With Critics And Fans



Jerry Seinfeld has been, well, everywhere recently promoting a new film that he has exclusively released on Netflix called ‘Unfrosted.’ The film is a satirical comedy about the creation of the Pop-Tart starring Seinfeld, who also directed the motion picture.

Highlighted throughout Seinfeld’s many media appearances surrounding the promotion of this new film was the star-studded cast coming with the sitcom legend, including comedian Bill Burr, actress Melissa McCarthy, and comedian Jim Gaffigan.

Unfortunately for fans, the star-studded cast only delivered a bomb. Seinfeld’s ‘Unfrosted’ has been nearly universally panned by critics and fans alike following its release. Rotten Tomatoes currently has the critic score at just 42%, while the user score is not much better at 53%.

Film critic Susan Granger said of the film,

“Unevenly scripted by director Jerry Seinfeld and his TV usual writers as flaky, high-fructose fun. there are a litany of celebrity cameos, the best of which features Jon Hamm & John Slattery satirizing their ad execs in ‘Mad Men.'”

Susan Granger

Another critic, Austine Burke, said the following about the film,

“Unfrosted just feels like one massive missed opportunity from start to finish. Jerry Seinfeld occasionally injects a bit of life into this stale satire, but any interesting moment is immediately followed by an unfunny gag.”

Austine Burke

The user reviews were even worse for the new Seinfeld film, as one user wrote,

“So disappointing given the Incredible cast. I’d been looking forward to the release for months. A truly painful flop.”

User Review

‘Unfrosted’ seems like an ‘unfinished’ movie that simply exists for no purpose (maybe other than promoting Pop Tarts).

One particularly infuriating part of the film includes a terrible, and I mean abysmal, portrayal of President John F. Kennedy by comedian Bill Burr. While Burr is not infuriating on his own, the fact that Seinfeld and the rest of the cast actually pretend that he looks and sound like JFK is.

He looks nothing like JFK. He looks like Bill Burr in a wig. He sounds like Bill Burr doing an extremely poor JFK impersonation. The comedian has even stated publicly that he had doubts about his cameo as the former President in the film.

The fact that Seinfeld thinks he can pass off Bill Burr as JFK only speaks to the level of delusion that went into making this film, perhaps the same delusion that made them think that anybody wants to watch Melissa McCarthy ever again.

‘Unfrosted’ may be even worse for you than a Pop Tart, and that’s saying something. I personally found the film so aggravating, especially after the entrance of Melissa McCarthy, that I simply turned it off.

There is quite literally no person on this Earth that is less talented, or more purely agitating to observe than Melissa McCarthy.

Seinfeld should have stuck to the small screen!

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