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Kamala Harris Campaigns For Ruben Gallego In Arizona



Kamala Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris appeared in Tuscon, Arizona on Friday to endorse and deliver a speech for Ruben Gallego, the opponent of Trump-endorsed Senate candidate Kari Lake in the upcoming 2024 Election.

That race was shaken up earlier this year when the current occupant of that U.S. Senate seat, Independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema announced that she would not be seeking re-election in 2024. Sinema’s exit provided a boost to Gallego, considering that she first entered the Senate as a Democrat in 2018.

Kari Lake became the center of national controversy when she disputed the results of her 2022 gubernatorial election in the State of Arizona, where she was eventually outlasted by the former Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

Gallego is current member of the House of Representatives. A recent poll from RABA research shows Lake trailing Gallego by 7 points, with a large margin of voters still being undecided in the race.

Lake officially announced that she would be running for U.S. Senate on October 10th, 2023.

Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Arizona yesterday in order to campaign for Gallego. Harris took an offensive position on the position of abortion during her visit to Arizona. During her visit, Harris said to a crowd of supporters,

And it is c=good to be here with the next United States Senator from this State of Arizona, Ruben Gallego.

And I have worked with Ruben and I will tell you, he is a tireless fighter for the people and families of Arizona and an essential partner to President Biden and me.

Vice President Kamala Harris in Arizona

See a clip of the Vice President making that statement in Tuscon yesterday below,

Democrats across the Country have been pushing for abortion initiatives to be placed on statewide ballots around the Nation heading into the 2024 Election, hoping it will help their less-than-ideal poll numbers.

President Biden, who is up for re-election and will appear on the 2024 ballot, has an approval rating of just 39%.

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