Kevin Hart Says He’s Still Cheering For Katt Williams



During a recent episode of Hall of Fame NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe, comedian Katt Williams launched attacks on comedian Kevin Hart, claiming that Hart never attracted anybody to his standup comedy organically, and that Hart was ‘a plant,’ in the comedy industry.

Williams said,

In 15 years in Hollywood, no one in Hollywood has a memory of going to a sold-out Kevin Hart show, there being a line for him, ever getting a standing ovation at any comedy club. He already had his deals when he got here…what do you think a plant is?

For a five-year period, every single movie that Kevin Hart did was a movie that had been on my desk that all I had said was just, ‘Can we take some of this Stepin Fetchit s*** out and then I can do it? Like it don’t need to be overtly homosexual cuz I’m not homosexual, right? It doesn’t need that to be funny, right?’ And me saying that and them going, ‘Oh yeah, no problem,’ and then going to give it to this other guy and having him do it just like it was and acting like I’m a bad person because I keep standing on my standard. Yeah, it’s interesting, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Again, I’m on the winning side of these decisions.

Katt Williams On Kevin Hart

Remember, Kevin Hart sold out Lincoln Financial Field. Yes. The football stadium. Katt Williams actually suggested that Kevin Hart wasn’t a successful comedian even though he sold out a football stadium.

During a recent interview with WSJ Magazine, Kevin Hart told a reporter who asked him about the incident,

If that’s what he fuels himself off, God bless him. Good for him. I hope he gets all that he needs and he wants, and I’m here cheering for him from afar. That’s my real energy. I really mean it! That’s how happy and secure I am with my career and my life.

I do know what I’ve done for the craft of comedy. By that I mean I’ve changed the business of stand-up comedy. Whether you’re a fan or not, you have to respect what I’ve done. Point-blank. Because you don’t do it by accident–and you don’t stay here by accident.

Kevin Hart on Katt Williams

It appears that Kevin Hart is taking the high road, at least publicly, and he should be praised for it. The allegations made by Katt Williams on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast are very serious.

Both Williams and Hart are hilarious, and talented comedians. They both deserve praise for dedication to their craft, and it’s a shame to see them fight.

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