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‘Kinda Dumb’: Matt Gaetz Speaks On Hunter Biden Firearm Conviction



Matt Gaetz and Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden was found guilty on three separate felony charges yesterday in a Delaware courtroom by a Jury of his peers after evidence from the President’s son’s laptop was used to prove that he had been in the throes of drug addiction when he purchased a firearm several years ago.

The first son’s guilty verdict sent shockwaves through the political system, as those on the left used the younger Biden’s conviction as an example of the idea that Joe Biden’s Department of Justice is not ‘one-sided’ as the Trump team has alleged throughout the 2024 Presidential campaign.

Those on the right largely celebrated the verdict, with some opposing the merits of the case based on the Constitutional argument surrounding drug users’ ability to own firearms, and some calling for additional charges against Hunter Biden.

The President’s son will face a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison, along with a $750,000 fine, though legal experts tell Slingshot News it is unlikely that Hunter Biden will face any kind of incarceration for this charge, mainly because he is a first time offender.

Gaetz Stokes Hunter Biden Flames With X Post

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz posted a public comment on the Hunter Biden conviction to his Twitter/X page. Gaetz boasts over 2.5 Million followers on his personal X account, with another 2.7 Million followers on his Representative account.

After the verdict, Gaetz wrote on his personal X account, “The Hunter Biden gun conviction is kinda dumb tbh.” See that post below,

Gaetz has become amongst the most vocal members of the Republican House caucus, being the man responsible for toppling the short-lived Speakership of former Congressman Kevin McCarthy.

The Florida Congressman rallied a group of a dozen other Republicans to join with Democrats and remove Kevin McCarthy from his position as House Speaker last year.

It seems that Matt Gaetz was rather unimpressed with Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict.

The Representative from Florida made recent headlines for traveling to El Salvador with his wife for the inauguration of El Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele. Gaetz was joined by other prominent right-wing political figures, including Donald Trump Jr. and others.

Bukele was recently interviewed by former Fox News host, and founder of the Tucker Carlson Network, Tucker Carlson, highlighting his growing popularity with the American right.

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