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LA Squatters Take Over Hollywood Hills Mansion



According to reports from several different outlets, a squatter recently moved into a vacant, abandoned home in the Hollywood Hills, and has started renting rooms in the house to several individuals, including an Onlyfans model.

Real estate agent Emily Randall Smith and her husband reportedly discovered the squatters living in the home upon making a visit to their property in January. They discovered several individuals inside of the home.

Smith’s husband walked into the house and discovered a man sleeping, moving him to call the police. When the police showed up, the Onlyfans model allegedly answered the door, revealing that she had been renting a room in the property from a squatter posing as the owner.

We walked up the property and the lock box was cut off. And there was a mailbox someone had ordered and put up. Like that was very weird, that was not here before.

Emily Randall Smith

Smith told Fox news about the police arriving on the scene, saying,

They knocked on the door and I guess some girl opened it, and she ended up being an OnlyFans model and I guess the guy who had broken into the house had started this whole business and was renting these rooms out to the girls.

Emily Randall Smith

Police then removed the inhabitants from the property, leaving Smith and her husband a tremendous mess to clean up. There was reportedly human waste on the floors, cut cords, and a impromptu Wi-Fi router rigged for the use of the squatters.

Squatting is reportedly becoming a problem across the United States, as homelessness continues to be a rising issue. The denser the homeless population, the more problems there are with squatting.

Police reportedly made no arrests in January when the property was taken back, which raises the important question… Will the squatter who rented out a home he never owned ever be delivered to justice?

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