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WRTV News Anchor Tanya Sumner Dies At 53



Tanya Sumner

Tanya Sumner, who was a news anchor for WRTV in Indianapolis has reportedly died at the age of 53. In addition to being a beloved news anchor, Sumner also served District Three on the Whitestown Town Council.

She reportedly tragically passed away after battling an aggressive form of colon cancer. The cancer started in her colon, eventually spreading throughout her body.

Her death is a tremendous loss for the Indianapolis community, which cherished Sumner’s ability on the camera. The former news star reportedly died at her home on May 24th.

Sumner had declared in 2023 that she was suffering from a rare and aggressive form of cancer, saying,

“I have a rare genetic mutation. It’s called Kras G12c mutation. It’s very aggressive, very fast growing.”

Her fate had been sealed after several attempts to beat back the cancer, including chemotherapy, failed.

She worked on WRTV for over 10 years, which made up over half of her entire career on television. In an eerie final post to her Facebook page, the beloved news anchor said,

Time. Good health. Those are our only true commodities. Our only true currencies that matter.

Tanya Sumner

Sumner warned others about screening for cancer, especially colon cancer, at a young age. She said to WRTV after her diagnosis,

“If you could imagine me finding this grapefruit size tumor 6 years earlier–we would be having a different conversation. Yeah its (a colonoscopy) uncomfortable, its unpleasant. No one wants a colonoscopy but get the thing. Get it at 45.”

Tanya Sumner

In every aspect of her life, Sumner was an asset. She worked diligently to make a name for herself in the television news industry, and was successful in doing so. To lose such a dedicated member of the press at such a young age is a true tragedy.

Rest in peace Tanya Sumner.

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