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Massive Boulders Fall Onto Trucks On Highway In Peru (Video)



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Video emerged this week of two trucks traveling on a mountain road being bombarded by a rockslide, which occurred in the San Mateo district of Peru.

The video starts with a convoy of trucks driving up a narrow, winding mountain road. Suddenly, a massive boulder rollsinto the frame and crashes onto the truck in the middle of the convoy. Immediately, the driver of the truck recording the video can be seen quickly removing his seatbelt and running out of the truck, as a large boulder lands directly in front of him. Once the driver had exited the truck, the video continued to roll, capturing the truck being contorted and shaken by each rock that fell.

Watch the clip below…

Miraculously, both of the truck drivers survived the horrific scene as truck-sized boulders tumbled off the cliff next to the narrow road, destroying both vehicles and leaving cracks in the pavement.

Towards the end of the video, the aftermath of the incident is displayed. Massive rocks landed directly on top of both vehicles, leaving them smashed into the ground as if they were made of clay.

While displaying the result of the rockslide, the video displayed the height from which these boulders were falling, seemingly hundreds of feet above the roadway.

It is astonishing that the two drivers made it out unharmed after the situation that they faced, leaving both of their vehicles destroyed. Displaying quick thinking and a bit of luck, the two quickly fled the situation and will live to tell their story.

Authorities had to close the highway in order to remove the massive stones that had fallen, as well as the wreckage of the two trucks that were involved in the incident.

The rockslide is believed to have been caused by recent downpours in the area; however, the exact cause is still under investigation by Peruvian authorities.

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