Maxine Waters Says Trump Has People “Training Up In The Hills Somewhere” In Case He Loses In 2024



In a recent interview with MSNBC, Maxine Waters called for the Justice Department, as well as President Joe Biden, to lay out a plan for the country in case Trump were to lose the 2024 election. Waters even states that there are right-wing organizations “training up in the hills somewhere.”

As well as stating that Donald Trump has organizations “training in the hills somewhere,” Waters even suggests that if Trump loses the 2024 election, he will mobilize these organizations to “target” specific communities.

Watch the clip of Maxine below…

Heading into the 2024 election, Waters is attempting to portray Donald Trump as a power-hungry monster who is determined to destroy the country if he loses. Despite this, Maxine Waters herself has been known for promoting “extreme” actions. One of her most famous moments during the Trump Administration was when she encouraged an audience of protestors to “create crowds” and “push back” if they saw anyone from Donald Trump’s cabinet in public.

Watch this clip of Maxine below…

Despite the absurdity of the idea that Donald Trump is orchestrating a dictatorial takeover of the United States, Waters and the Democratic Party persist in informing the American people that “democracy is on the ballot.”

In a world where the Democratic nominee for President of the United States has nearly zero accomplishments to stand on over the past three years, it makes sense that their main talking points would not revolve around the legitimacy of their candidate. Instead, they focus on painting Donald Trump as a dangerous warmonger.

Instead of addressing the ongoing issues in the country, such as illegal immigration or inflation, the Biden Administration shifts the focus to its opponent, portraying him as a greater threat to the country than Biden’s failed policy.


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