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MC5 Drummer Dennis Thompson Dies At 75



Dennis Thompson

Dennis Thompson, who was the drummer for legendary rock group MC5, and the last surviving member of the band, has reportedly died at the age of 75. The rock star died on Wednesday, marking the end of an era of rock excellence.

Tragically, MC5 is set to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame later this year, meaning that no original member of the group will be able to attend the ceremony.

Singer Rob Tyner and Smith both died in the 1990s. Bassist Michael Davis died in 2012. Sinclair, the group’s manager who was also known as a jazz poet, died in April.

The band released three studio albums: 1969’s Kick Out the Jams, 1970’s Back in the USA and 1971’s High Time, before they eventually broke up.

The Guardian reports on Thompson’s death,

Thompson, who was the last surviving member of the group after the death of guitarist Wayne Kramer in February, died in a Michigan nursing home on Thursday. He had been recovering after a heart attack in April, his son Chris McNulty told Detroit News.

“He was a true, free-spirited rock and roller up until the very last day,” McNulty said.

Thompson joined MC5 – short for Motor City 5 – in 1965, at the age of 17. He earned the nickname “Machine Gun” because of his fast and hard approach to drumming, which resembled the sound of his namesake, a Thompson machine gun or Tommy gun

The Guardian

The biggest hit for the band was undoubtedly “Kick Out the Jams,” which was released in February of 1969.

For fans of MC5, the death of Thompson marks the end of a band which had tremendous influence on the direction of rock music.

The only positive may be that Thompson’s work, beloved by millions of fans, will continued to be enjoyed generations after his death.

Rest in peace, Dennis Thompson!

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