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Michigan Gov. Whitmer Refuses To Condemn Abortion After Viability



Gretchen Whitmer

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who has been a strong proponent of abortion rights since being elected Governor in 2018, was recently asked during a television interview about limits on abortions after viability.

Viability, of course, refers to the point in which a baby could survive on their own outside of their mother’s womb. It is commonly accepted in the medical field that most children over the age of 24 weeks are viable, and could survive without their mother.

Limits on abortion for viable children has been a pressing issue around the Nation for several years now. Pro-life advocates often highlight laws passed by Democratic legislatures and Governors in New York and other states which allow for abortion up to the minute prior to birth. These laws also allow for abortions to occur after the birth of a child.

Former Virginia Governor Ralph Northam famously commented on post-birth abortion during a 2019 interview in which he described the process by which a post-birth abortion occurs. See a clip of Northam making that statement below,

Some laws, as in the case of Virginia and New York, allow for an abortion to occur after a child has been born, which some have labeled infanticide.

Support for abortion in the United States is simple. A majority, about two-thirds of the population, support legalized abortion during the first trimester. The first trimester is the first three months of pregnancy, meaning about 12 weeks. The second trimester, 24 weeks, is where support for abortion decreases dramatically. A slim minority of the population, under 15%, support legal abortions past the second trimester. Only about one-third of Americans support legal second trimester abortions.

Democrats have been criticized for refusing to implement restrictions on abortions occurring past the point of viability, which many call infanticide.

During a recent television interview, Democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer added fuel to fire by refusing to comment on abortion beyond the point of viability. The Governor said,

I am not a doctor!

Gretchen Whitmer on Abortion Restrictions

See a clip of that moment from Whitmer’s recent interview below,

While the Democratic Party continues to accuse the Republican Party of a radical stance on abortion, it appears that many voters have similar concerns about the Democratic Party, just in the other direction.

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