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New Jersey Republican Bill Palatucci Narrowly Wins His Fight Against Donald Trump



Donald Trump and Bill Palatucci

Bill Palatucci, the Republican National Committeeman for the New Jersey Republican Party, narrowly won a recent contentious re-election at a New Jersey Republican Committee Meeting after being challenged by pro-Trump elements of the Republican Party.

Palatucci is now professing that he will, regardless of the will of New Jersey Republican voters, refuse to support Donald Trump in the 2024 Presidential Election, which could lead to the anti-Trump Republican official being removed from his position at the 2024 Republican National Convention.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a close political ally of Palatucci, attended the NJGOP meeting, allegedly threatening members of the New Jersey Republican Party, promising future legal attacks and ‘interfering’ in the proceedings, a source told Slingshot News

Trump-supported candidate Don Purdy suffered a two-vote defeat to the outspoken Palatucci, who has held the position of National Committeeman since 2010. The final vote finished 22-20.

Chris Christie, Bill Palatucci, and Senator Mitch McConnell

Through Christie’s alleged arm-twisting and political elbow grease, Patalucci was able to hang on.

When asked about Palatucci’s record as National Committeeman, former New Jersey Republican Congressional candidate Mike Crispi told Slingshot News,

“Palatucci is a never Trumper. He’s so completely tone deaf to the will of the voters that he doesn’t even attempt to find common ground with them. 98% of the Republican Party identy themselves as Trump supporters in the year 2024, yet Palatucci believes Trump is bad for the party, and Christie should have been the Republican Nominee in 2024. He’s delusional.

This man tweets like a liberal with Trump derangement syndrome, perhaps worse than Mitt Romney. He is an embarrassment and loathed by most in the RNC. In New Jersey, he’s known as Christie’s “bag man” and top enforcer. The rank and file voters do not realize who he is or the influence he has, but when they do, their reaction is always the same: sheer disgust.”

Bill Palatucci has expressed doubts whether or not Trump will be able to win the 2024 Election, sharing images on his social media pages which predict that the Republican Party will lose the 2024 Election, and that things will ‘only get worse’ if the Party continues to support former President Donald Trump.

The Committeeman has previously tweeted his support for a D.C. Circuit Court ruling which contradicted the eventual immunity case ruling by the Supreme Court in favor of former President Donald Trump.

Though she mounted a popular campaign, even former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley was thrashed by the former President. Another Republican who challenged Trump in 2024, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, was there to see Palatucci to his victory on June 27th, the night of the National Committeeman’s victory.

Photos of the former Governor at the meeting went viral during the contentious voting session. Slingshot News was informed by sources at the event that Christie was using his ‘arm-twisting’ capabilities to orchestrate the re-election of his friend Bill Palatucci.

Chris Christie At NJ GOP Convention, Credit: New Jersey Globe

Palatucci allegedly joined discussions with former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on whether or not Christie should have pursued a third-party run for President in 2024 after being defeated by Donald Trump in the Republican Primary. Christie ultimately declined.

In the battle for control of the leadership of the New Jersey Republican Party, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has emerged victorious.

We asked Mike Crispi, 2022 Candidate in the Fourth Congressional District of New Jersey about Christie’s control over the New Jersey Republican Party. Crispi told Slingshot News,

“The system in New Jersey is very much an insiders’ game, and because of this Chris Christie has been able to cut deals and bully his way into maintained relevance. This, in turn, has turned off the grassroots of our Party considerably, leaving our State GOP fundraising and volunteerism is at an all time low.

Christie effectively killed this Party when he held hands with Barack Obama, arrogantly laid on the beach during the government shutdown, and had his hands in the Bridgegate scandal. President Trump has voters in this state excited again for the first time in years,”

The controversial Palatucci has even gone as far as to share information from George Conway, the ex-husband of Kellyanne Conway, on his official Twitter account. Conway is known for his hatred of the former President, often making cable news appearances disparaging Trump and his supporters.

Members of the New Jersey Republican Party anonymously informed Slingshot News that they have heard Palatucci personally claim that he will vacate his position as committeeman if former President Donald Trump is elected to the White House in 2024.

Slingshot News can also exclusively confirm that Trump-supporting elements of the New Jersey Republican Party are preparing candidates to run against the State Committee candidates who voted to keep Palatucci in his long-tenured position.

Just days before the New Jersey GOP meeting, former President Donald Trump put out a statement on his Truth Social account attacking Palatucci. That post read, “Don Purdy and Janice Fields are running for RNC National Committee against Candidates 100% controlled by Sloppy Chris Christie in the Great State of New Jersey.”

When asked if he thinks Republican leaders in the State of New Jersey can be trusted to fight for a Republican win in November, Mike Crispi told Slingshot News,

“New Jersey is within striking distance for President Trump to win. It would be the first GOP Presidential win in New Jersey since 1988. I proclaimed on the ally stage in Wildwood on May 11th that Trump was about to take the lead, and according to two recent polls, that’s exactly what President Trump has done.

The never-Trump wing of the party, and even some who claim to be Trump supporters (who are actually not) are already potting the 2025 gubernatorial election, and could care less about November 5th. They couldn’t care less about making America great again. It’s a shame. They only participate in politics to get their pockets lined, and that comes from the deals cut at the state level.”

It’s fair to say that there is an extreme level of contention currently looming over the Republican Party of New Jersey. For now, Chris Christie and Bill Palatucci have fended off an attack from pro-Trump forces.

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