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Philadelphia Eagles Star Jason Kelce Announces Retirement In Emotional Statement



Legendary Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce announced his retirement from the National Football League today after a Hall of Fame career spanning thirteen seasons.

In an emotional press conference on Monday this week, Kelce explained his motivations throughout his career and thanked those who had helped him along the way. Jason began his statement by detailing the start of his career in high school and college, where he began playing as a center and acquired leadership qualities that remain with him today.

Later in his statement, Kelce thanked the head coaches that he had played for in the National Football League: Andy Reid, Chip Kelly, Doug Pederson, and Nick Sirianni. Jason also thanked the entire Eagles organization for their help throughout his thirteen season career with the team.

Kelce broke down while explaining the memories of himself and his brother Travis being selected into the National Football League, as well as other memories, including winning the Super Bowl in 2018, that he said he will never forget.

The Kelce Brothers skyrocketed to international fame after Super Bowl LVII was deemed the “Kelce Bowl” because the brothers faced off in the biggest game of the year. Jason and the Philadelphia Eagles fell short against the Kansas City Chiefs, losing 38-35. Despite the outcome of the game, this moment remains a special memory for Jason and the entire Kelce family.

Jason detailed his experience playing for the Philadelphia Eagles and the affection he received from the city as a result. While he stated that the fans are known for being hard on their team, it comes from a place of love for the team and the city. That same passion is displayed in support of players who go out of their way to show they are all in on Philadelphia. Kelce tearfully thanked the city for all the support he has received.

Kelce thanked his teammates and shared a story about how he met his wife, Kylie Kelce, one night while hanging out at a local bar with some of his teammates. Without the bonds and friendships he created with his teammates, he would have never met the mother of his three children.

Jason detailed the important qualities that were instilled in him as a child, such as hard work, determination, and the significance of being there to pass on these values to his children. Jason and Kylie have three children: Wyatt, 4; Elliotte, 3; and Bennett, 1.

The emotional statement concluded with a final thank you to the city of Philadelphia, “for letting me represent this city and allowing me into your homes every Sunday.”

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