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Police Investigating Alleged Neglect Of Care For Actor John Amos



John Amos

Actor John Amos, who starred in the hit 1970s television show ‘Good Times,’ is currently 84 years old. He lives in Los Angeles, and is reportedly under the care of his son K.C..

John Amos’ daughter, Shannon Amos, is now alleging that her brother K.C. is neglecting to care for their father, and has filed a complaint with Adult Protective Services.

TMZ has reported that Amos recently visited the hospital, and it is unknown whether or not this visit had anything to do with Shannon Amos’ complaint.

Interestingly enough, Shannon Amos was accused of elder abuse by John Amos himself back in 2023. In an Instagram clip shared by K.C. Amos, the actor details what he believes to be abuse by his daughter, Shannon, who has filed this complaint.

I’m not in the hospital as a result of anything that happened recently, other than the fact that about a month ago, I was hospitalized because I was suffering from water retention and a couple of other issues — all of which have been corrected, or at least addressed,” Amos said. “I’m very confident in the doctors that I have here and the medical staff that my son has assembled all around me. So I feel very good about that

Actor John Amos in 2023 on Daughter

It appears that infighting within the Amos family has been occurring for quite some time, and that this recent stir-up is almost an exact replica of what happened just one year ago.

This time, though, the authorities have been involved, as stated by TMZ. LAPD are apparently looking into the issue. Is John Amos suffering, or is this just another instance of public infighting for a family that has had their fair share of trouble?

Time will tell. As the great Bob Marley once said, think you’re in heaven, but you’re really in hell. What is going on with actor John Amos?

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