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President Biden Arrives In Pennsylvania For Campaign Event




President Joe Biden arrived in Scranton, Pennsylvania this afternoon for a campaign event. The President could be seen exiting Air Force One wearing his typical aviator sunglasses.

Biden will attend two campaign events in the area today. One at Scranton Cultural Center, and another in front of the Carpenters Local Union 445. The first speech will occur at 2 PM, and the latter at 5:30 PM.

A recent poll from the Franklin & Marshall College Center for Opinion Research shows Biden leading former President Trump in the State of Pennsylvania by two points. Former President Trump had carried a lead in the State for several months.

See a clip of President Joe Biden exiting Air Force One in Scranton, Pennsylvania this afternoon below,

As Biden campaigns in Pennsylvania, former President Trump is currently attending his criminal hush money trial in New York City. Trump had his first day in court for that trial yesterday.

Pennsylvania is sure to be an extremely important state during the 2024 Election, and it may be the state in which President Joe Biden serves the best chance of defeating former President Donald Trump.

Trump currently leads Biden in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona. If the election were held today, it appears that the incumbent President would be unseated by his former opponent.

If the polls are accurate, President Biden is facing an uphill battle for re-election. Time will tell if he is able to bolster his polling numbers enough in the swing states to possibly win re-election.

For now, Trump is a heavy favorite to unseat an incumbent President, and on track to be the first President to win two non-consecutive terms in the White House since Grover Cleveland, who coincidentally, was also from New York.

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