Rep. Ronny Jackson Demands Biden Take A Drug Test, Cognitive Test Ahead Of June Presidential Debate



Congressman Ronny Jackson, who has served Texas’ 13th Congressional District since 2021, made an appearance late Sunday on controversial political operative Roger Stone’s WABC AM radio show. During his appearance, the Texas Representative made several bold statements concerning President Joe Biden.

In addition to serving as a the director of the White House medical unit from 2010 to 2014, Jackson served as President Barack Obama’s personal physician from 2013 to 2017. Jackson then served as President Donald Trump’s personal physician from 2017 to 2018.

Jackson demanded during his interview with Stone that President Joe Biden take cognitive test prior to the June 27th Presidential debate, which will be hosted by CNN.

The Biden campaign has already reportedly attempted to require both candidates to be sitting down during the debate, a request which was declined by the Trump team. The decision by the Biden campaign to pursue a debate in which the candidates are seated has raised additional questions about Biden’s ability to make it through the 90-minute affair.

Jackson began by praising the stamina of former President Trump, saying,

“His stamina is incredible. This man would go on overseas trips, and we would get on the plane and we would fly for 13 hours, we’d leave at 9:00 in the morning, we would land, and it would be 9:00 or 10:00 where we landed, and the day would be starting over. We’d have a full day ahead of us. Everybody at the end of that day would be spent, the Secret Service, the Military aide, the doctors, everybody around him, the staff would just be exhausted. This man would go and go and go.”

Jackson also praised Trump’s cognitive ability, claiming that the former President has an innate ability to ‘reset’ himself each night in order to move on from frustration and poor situations.

The Texas Representative then addressed what he called the ‘cognitive decline’ of President Joe Biden, pointing out the stark contrast between Biden and Trump’s cognitive ability. Jackson said to Stone,

“As far as the cognitive test goes, you can look at these two men and there’s no more drastic example. They’re on opposite ends of the spectrum. You have one man who’s a high performer, has incredible energy, and like you said, is smart as a tack, sharp as a tack, and you have a guy on the other end who is constantly confused and lost. He can’t speak, he slurs his speech, he shuffles when he walks. He looks physically 

Jackson continued,

“I’m not giving the guy a diagnosis, but he’s got some kind of cognitive issue related to his age. We’ve all seen it. You don’t have to be a physician, you certainly don’t have to be a physician at the White House for 14 years to look at this man now and say something is wrong with him.”

The former White House physician then challenged Biden to take a cognitive test prior to the Trump – Biden June 27th CNN debate. The Congressman stated,

“Yes, I think it’s perfectly reasonable for us to get cognitive exams on the Presidential candidates now, and Joe Biden needs to submit to that as President of the United States. I don’t know if you remember or not, but whenever President Donald Trump had his physical exam back in 2018, we got a cognitive test done as part of that exam, I oversaw that, and he got a perfect score. 30/30. I suggested it, that we get it, and the reason I suggested that is because the mainstream media was spinning things up. 

They didn’t like his style, they didn’t like his attitude, and they were trying to say he was unfit to be President, so we got the tested data to prove that he was cognitively, not only fit, but cognitively at the top of his game”‘said Jackson who served as the chief physician for three American presidents,

Yes, I’m fully supporting the call for Joe Biden to get a cognitive test. I’ve already sent five letters to the White House. To his physician, and to Joe Biden demanding to his cabinet that he get a cognitive test associated with his physical exam. Those letters are being ignored, ” Jackson told Stone.

Jackson even went on to claim that the American people are ‘wondering what kind of drugs’ President Joe Biden is on. The Texas Representative told 77 WABC Radio host Roger Stone that he supports calls for President Joe Biden to take a drug test prior to his CNN debate with Donald Trump.

“Now there’s a call for a drug test before the debate, and I support that as well, because I do think that he’s being given something that we don’t know about” said the former navy rear admiral

In mid-May while speaking to a Minnesota Republican meeting, former President Donald Trump stated that he would demand a drug test upon accepting a debate with President Joe Biden. Trump said “I’m gonna demand a drug test too, by the way. I am, no I really am. I don’t want him coming in like the State of the Union, he was high as a kite,” referring to President Biden’s presentation at the State of the Union address.

Jackson’s renewal on this call for drug test from former President Donald Trump will surely garner attention from the White House.

Also appearing with Jackson on the Roger Stone Show this week was Robert Costello, a key witness in the Trump hush money trial case. The Roger Stone Show is a weekly broadcast that includes interviews some of the most prominent voices in the political world. 

Beginning in June of 2023, the first guest to be interviewed by Stone on his program was none other than former President Donald Trump.

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  1. richard

    June 3, 2024 at 4:23 pm

    HEY, Ronnie, let’s test Trump at the same time. What did you give him to sleep through his trial? He also looked Adderraled up at rallies. Let’s be fair in the Biden assessment, you can’t tell shit from your biased film clips

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